Devoted Monkey - Interim CTO for Web Startup Goes Crowdfunding

Devoted Monkey - Interim CTO for Web Startup Goes Crowdfunding
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Montreal, Canada ( November 27, 2012 - Montreal, Canada -- Over the past couple of years, Devoted Monkey had the opportunity to develop numerous prototypes for individuals\companies that were looking to enhance their business case in front of heavy hitters venture capitalists. Devoted Monkey builds prototypes. Period.

Devoted Monkey's crowdfunding campaign

After the 5th prototypes built in less than 2 months, it struck Devoted Monkey that there seems to be a whole lot of people with cool ideas, but the search for a developer is incredibly frustrating.

If the individual who had a brilliant web application idea doesn't give up after not finding a developer, he would normally reach out to angel investors to get some funds in exchange for some equity. The classic deal: get $25K in exchange of 25% in equity.

Enters Devoted Monkey. Their only purpose is to build web startups prototypes. That's it, that's all. They enable web startups to bypass the angel investors round and take their business case and functional prototype directly to bigger investors. Devoted Monkey have spent the past 6 months testing out a new model; for $5K and 5% in equity, they will build you a functional prototype of your idea. $5k, 5%, 15 days, that's it.

Devoted Monkey have built a pretty cool little web platform that allow our team members to collect the project requirements from our clients and execute on building the prototypes. All of their prototypes are built on top of PHP CodeIgniter and MySQL database. Custom built for their client.

After testing the service for 6 months, Devoted Monkey got a major influx in demand that required them to re-align our strategy. This is where you come into play! In order for Devoted Monkey to continue enabling entrepreneurs, they need to complete our platform and legal contracts.

How Does It Work?

The process is quite simple. You come to Devoted Monkey with your idea and we have a brainstorm session on what is the ultimate goal for the prototype. You agree on the features you want to see in the prototype that would fit in a 20 man-days schedule. The features that don't fit in the schedule would be hardcoded. From there, Devoted Monkey is in building mode where they develop the web app, setup the DB, slap on sexy responsive HTML5\CSS3 and we're done! Devoted Monkey host prototypes on their servers or we can set it up on your domain if you wish.

- You register on our platform for free
- You share with us your idea for a web application
- Devoted Monkey vet the project and draft the first set of functionality
- Using their functionality scheduler, you decided which functionality will be fully built
- The remaining functionality will be hardcoded
- Devoted Monkey code and design using responsive HTML5\CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL
- Devoted Monkey deliver the prototype; accessible from your account
- You enjoy

What Devoted Monkey Needs & What You Get

Devoted Monkey needs $10K in the near future to help us finalize all of the legal paperwork necessary for the equity share part of the business. The price tag is actually higher than $10K, but Devoted Monkey have personally invested into the venture as well.

Devoted Monkey is killing it with their perks! Early access, private brainstorm sessions with technology gods. You can take a look at the ultimate perk as well.

You can View Devoted Monkey's crowdfunding campaign Here

The Devoted Monkey Team
The team includes developers from all over the place; London, Montreal, New York, St-Petersburg. The Devoted Monkey principles guide them in our day-to-day work where strive to help as many entrepreneurs as possible.

The Devoted Monkey Impact

Devoted Monkey wants to enable as many ideas as possible with fully working prototypes. They have worked with individuals who had their idea for more than two years without being able to act upon it. Devoted Monkey has allowed them to kickstart their project with a bang!

You can View Devoted Monkey's crowdfunding campaign here

Contact Information:
Jean-Philippe LeBlanc
Devoted Monkey
1155 Rene-Levesque Ouest, Suite 2500, Montreal, QC, Canada
Montreal: (514) 298-1096, New York: (646) 403-4494


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Press Release Contact
Jean-Philippe LeBlanc
Devoted Monkey
1155 Rene-Levesque Ouest, Suite 2500, Montreal, QC, Canada
Montreal: (514) 298-1096, New York: (646) 403-4494

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