On Workplace Learning and Competitive Advantages: a World Future Society Teleseminar

Bill Ringle will lead a panel discussion on the Future of Workplace Learning on December 5, 2012, with guest experts Joe DiDonato, Patricia Franklin, Kathleen Brush, and Lawrence Lerner.
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Springfield, PA (prHWY.com) November 30, 2012 - Springfield, PA, November 30, 2012 - Bill Ringle, popular business growth strategist, CEO of LearnWell, and president of the Philadelphia chapter of the World Future Society, will lead an online panel discussion on the Future of Workplace Learning on December 5, 2012. Guest experts include Joe DiDonato, editor-at-large of eLearning and Government eLearning magazines; Patricia Franklin, former Chief Learning Officer for Vistage International; Kathleen Brush, global management consultant and author; and Lawrence Lerner, founder of Revolutionary Innovator.

The complexity of work in the coming decades will continue to grow, either being supported and driven by technology. In order to keep up, managers and their teams will need to process, understand, and apply new knowledge, skillfully wield new tools, collaborate effectively across more diverse geographic regions and time zones. New and better ways of learning are necessary to enable this inevitable future.

What is the direction of learning in the workplace 10 years from now? Bill Ringle is posing that question to a hand-picked panel of experts from a variety of fields. The group will forecast based on business, technology, finance, communications, and global commerce trends.

"Technology has shifted the playing field in business. Current smartphone capabilities were pure science fiction just ten years ago. We are now able to communicate and share information faster and more cost-effectively with more people than at any other time in history. During this discussion," Ringle promises, "I'll be challenging our guest experts to detail their visions of what trends they see in workplace learning so you can gain insights into the risks and potentials ahead."

During this online panel forum, the group will discuss the specific trends in evidence today that point the way to dramatic changes in workplace learning ten years from now. They'll also cover which companies and countries are current models of advanced workplace learning, possible characteristics of workplace learning in the future, the dangers of which we should be wary, and much more.

The guest expert panelists are Joe DiDonato, Kathleen Brush, Patricia Franklin, and Lawrence Lerner. Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-Large for Elearning! Magazine, is a "roll-up the sleeves" senior executive whose background spans both the for-profit and non-profit worlds and whose experience ranges from staff and management functions to CEO and board positions. Kathleen Brush, Ph.D., is a global business consultant. Her Ph.D. is in management and international studies, and she has more than 20 years of experience as a senior executive (CEO, GM and CMO) for companies of all sizes, public and private, foreign and domestic. Patricia Franklin is a strategically-minded learning executive and author recognized for implementing award-winning innovative solutions validated by business results with a proven record of executing best-in-class instructional design and e-learning initiatives. Lawrence Lerner has a gift for communicating technology to business executives and business vi sion to technologists. He has a passion for corporate entrepreneurship and has created "game changing" services for the world's top brands.

The panel discussion will be led by Bill Ringle, a nationally known business growth strategist and president of the World Future Society of Greater Philadelphia. Bill Ringle works with CEOs and their direct reports to accelerate business growth through specialized coaching and mentoring programs. His client roster includes well-known organizations such as DuPont, General Electric, Apple Inc, and the Wharton School, as well as many outstanding, yet lesser-known organizations from many diverse industries. His work has taken him across the United States and Canada, and to Japan, Australia, and Western Europe. He is a frequent radio and television commentator on technology trends in business, and has written over 420 articles for publication in magazines, newspapers, corporate newsletters, and web sites. His weekly interviews with experts, "My Quest for the Best" is listened to by business leaders globally.

For more information on this online panel discussion and to register, visit futureshaping.com/world-future-society/upcoming-teleseminar.html

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