Redwerk Releases New iPad Social Review Sharing App - LikeLabs - Code for Free to Public

Redwerk Releases New iPad Social Review Sharing App - LikeLabs - Code for Free to Public
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Ukraine, Russian Federation ( December 1, 2012 - Kiev, Ukraine -- Software development company has released the code for a new review sharing social application called LikeLabs. They have provided the code to the public free of charge on their website at

Redwerk was challenged by Simargl Capital, an investment capital firm, to develop a user-friendly application for the iPad that allows visitors in a public place to create and share a review with others via social media, email and SMS. The user reviews can include both text and photos. Rather than using their own devices, visitors create, submit and share their reviews via a communal iPad available on-site. One or more iPads are placed at "stations" located at the site.

When asked about the major hurdles involved with this project, founder Konstantin Klyagin responded, "From the start we knew the application needed to be aesthetically pleasing and intuitive for users, so that was our primary goal for the user interface. In addition to the look and feel of the review sharing iPad app, we had to develop a web application to manage content on the backend. Our developers needed to program different levels of access for system administrators, company administrators and the end social users. The final piece of the puzzle was developing the social network applications for Facebook and VKontakte."

Redwerk's software developers used a domain-driven design (DDD) including multiple design patterns for enterprise applications including multilayered architecture, rich domain model, Model-View-Controller, Gateway, etc. All the sources were thoroughly reviewed and JUnit tests were used to check the functionality. The iPad review sharing application was developed in under 3 months. Depending on the phase of the project, Redwerk utilized between four to six developers and two testers.

According to Konstantin, "There were several hurdles that we had to overcome during this project, but the end result was LikeLabs, a rich and robust architecture model that was delivered on time. The first fully functional version was built in only 2 ½ months. Users proved the iPad application was very intuitive and easy to use, an application that lets users share reviews via an on-site communal iPad."

Both Redwerk and Simargl Capital agreed that LikeLabs was a dynamic demonstration of Redwerk's programming skills. It is an elegant solution to a complex problem. Redwerk has decided to share the code for LikeLabs with the public free of charge.

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Redwerk is a Software Development company that is comprised of numerous talented programmers, specializing in a plethora of programming languages. They can handle any size software development project and execute delivery on time and on budget. To learn more about Redwerk and the LikeLabs application please visit them at

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