Psychedelic Art Promises Access to Alternate Realities Inside Your Subconscious Mind

Psychedelic Art Opens Doorways To Your Subconscious
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Sydney, Australia ( December 3, 2012 - Sydney, Australia -- Psychedelic Art by artist CJBarnaby was recently uploaded for an online permanent show. Chris the prior curator for The Psychedelic Arts Vaults at had been hiding his work at home for years.

Chris recently decided it was time to share his library of psychedelic art online at .

It appears Chris's works touch on a connection with the other that seems to go beyond normal understanding. When asked about his relationship with the other Chris himself had this to say, "My art is literally doorways into alternate realities. I find people are often elated and sometimes offended to see my work. I know this is because it elicits for them subconscious memory and this ultimately triggers behavior and conditioning. If the viewer has had experiences with the other which were elated and prophetic then often my works appear wonderful and of course the opposite of this also happens."

Chris discovered his connection to the other during events which today would be labelled near death and abduction experiences which have occurred throughout his life from early childhood.

Chris believes that the experiences were mostly positive and uses them as the basis for his art and writing with the aim that the works help others see that the paranormal and esoteric is actually quite normal. Chris appears to be playing the role of psychopomp for modern society.

Psychopomps traditionally are creatures, spirits, angels, or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls to the afterlife.

When pressed for other influences for his work Chris cited that he often listens to ambient electronic works from the great Steve Roach or Robert Rich whom he dreams to be able to work with one day either creating album covers or visual/audio works.

For the time being however it appears that Chris is determined to release his psychedelic art whilst concentrating on writing a book based on his life experience.

For more information please visit :

Christopher Barnaby
Creative Director
Byron Bay Australia +6 466 032 354


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Christopher Barnaby
Creative Director
Byron Bay Australia +6 466 032 354

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