Cash for Junk Cars Portland Warns Others About Car Donation Scams in Portland, Oregon

Cash for Junk Cars Portland Warns Others About Car Donation Scams in Portland, Oregon
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Portland, OR ( December 4, 2012 - Portland, OR -- With the holidays nearby, you may be looking into ways to help others. One way you could help others is to sell your vehicle to Cash For Junk Cars Portland and donate the money to a scholarship or other worthy cause. In addition to December being a big shopping month, many non-profit organizations also depend on December for the majority of their funding. One way some organizations ask for help is through car donations. Unfortunately, there are quite a few scammers who accept car donations and are not actually using the proceeds to help others. Instead the phony non-profit organizations are selling the vehicles so they can pocket the money.

Even if a non-profit organization on a whole has the best intentions, its employees may not. For instance, if you donate your vehicle the person accepting the car donation from you may not actually turn the vehicle over to the charity. Instead, they may take the vehicle and sell it. The solution to preventing this from occurring is to sell your vehicle first to Cash For Junk Cars Portland and then using the money to donate to a charity. You could even use the cash to write a check to the organization and that way you can be sure the funds are really reaching the people who need it.

There are ways you can discover which non-profit organizations really use their funds for good. Each large non-profit is required to submit a financial report annually which can provide helpful information about how the money is distributed. Many of these reports contain information about salaries of the top managers and operating costs so you can determine if there is actually any funds going to help others. Also, you can see if the organization is one that doesn't spend most of its money on marketing or operating expenses.

There are many reasons why selling a car to Cash For Junk Cars Portland before giving the money to a nonprofit organization is a great idea. You'll never have to worry about how to get the vehicle to Cash For Junk Cars Portland because they will come to you to pick up the car. The entire process will combined take less than five minutes of your time. This is counting from the time a car seller contacts Cash For Junk Cars Portland until the time the cash is delivered and the car is picked up. The exchange can happen in as little as 2 hours. If you have a vehicle you would like to sell for cash, you can find Cash For Junk Cars Portland on the web at

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Cash For Junk Cars Portland is a locally owned and family operated Portland, OR business that has been in business for over 30 years. For more information, please visit our website at

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