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The only legal way to ensure that firearms are passed down to a specific person is to get a gun trust. It is absolutely crucial to understand the law and how to protect yourself or beneficiaries from unintentional violation of the NFA.
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Fairfax, VA ( December 27, 2012 - Firearms are very important to people. Whether they are family heirlooms or are used for practical reasons, individuals do not want their firearms seized or taken from them. Unfortunately, without proper documentation filed, firearms of all types can be seized from them even if they were intended to be given to a specific person. The only legal way to ensure that your firearms are passed down to a specific person or specific people is to get a gun trust. While many think that gun trusts are not important and they can get around the laws in place, the fact of the matter is that if you give guns to friends or family members without proper legal documentation like a gun trust, serious penalties may await you. If you currently own a firearm and have interest in passing it down to a friend or family member it is important that you know what a gun trust is and how it works legally. It is important to understand everything from the basic costs to the fine print. Keep in mind the facts and suggested below because they can greatly help you answer some questions or concerns you may be having.

The basic function of a gun trust is to protect your firearms and keep them in the family by legally ensuring that the government does not take your firearms, but instead they get endorsed to the people who you want to get them. A gun trust can be amended or revoked at any time. The advantage of getting a gun trust versus other legal documents that will ensure passing on of a firearm is that gun trusts are focused and no fingerprints or photographs are required. Not only does this save a lot of time and money, but also it significantly decreases the amount of time the process takes to receive the specific firearm. Some people question the legality and validity of a gun trust and feel as though it may be not legally binding or just another way to make money off of a different type of trust. The reality is that a gun trust is one of the most secure and legally binding documents that an individual can own. Gun trusts are not subject to probate and they are not made part of a public record. The beneficiaries of the gun trust will be protected and can remain confident that they will have the firearms legally transferred to them.

If you own firearms, it is absolutely crucial to understand the law and how to protect your firearms. If you do not do heavy research or have an expert explain the laws and regulations about how to keep your firearms safe and legally protected, you will run into trouble with the law. Some try to pass down guns illegally or don't understand the laws behind the inheritance of firearms. This can lead to disaster as extremely harsh penalties await those who are uninformed and breaking the law. Owning firearms and passing them down is important to many, just make sure you do it legally!

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