International Medical Work Performed by Lorrence Hnatuk
Lorrence Hnatuk helps the international community by performing international medical mission work.
( December 31, 2012 - Marinette, WI -- There is missionary work occurring all the time by a number of groups and organizations. Some groups push for changes in the way women are treated, some hope to improve the lives of low-paid workers, and some perform medical work for people who would otherwise not have access to treatment.

Lorrence Hnatuk is not afraid of traveling internationally or helping impoverished people with medical needs. He is a surgeon who specializes in surgery of the ear, nose, and throat. As an Otolaryngologist, he diagnoses and treats people suffering from hearing loss, chronic ear infections, sinusitis, balance problems, or other ailments related to the head and neck. When Lorrence Hnatuk is not performing medical missionary work, he practices out of his own private practice Northern Lights Clinic in Wisconsin.

"My heart goes out to people who suffer in developing counties. Many times what they suffer from is treatable but they neither have the knowledge of where to go for treatment nor do they have the money they need to help themselves or their families," says Lorrence Hnatuk. With his heart set on helping people, he decided to perform medical missionary work in 2002. His first mission took him to the impoverished nation of Haiti.

"There is a lot of superstition involving medicine in Haiti, many people think witch doctors can relieve symptoms with a spell or ceremony, but with my first mission, I was sent to perform medical care for orphans in Port-au-Prince, Haiti." says Lorrence Hnatuk. He returned to Port-au-Prince the following year in 2003 on a surgical mission.

"After my two missions to Haiti, I decided to join the Christian Medical Association. Through the association, I ended up traveling to different countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, and finally Afghanistan," says Lorrence Hnatuk. Lorrence Hnatuk was in Kabul, Afghanistan from April 29 to May 16, 2010. While there are many people in need of medical treatment all around the world, Lorrence Hnatuk is still thankful to have a stable practice in Wisconsin. His mission work makes him a very generous doctor but he continues to work on growing the reach of his practice at home.


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