Over a Decade of Private Clinic Work Celebrated by Lorrence Hnatuk
Lorrence Hnatuk celebrates the founding and growing of his own private practice.
(prHWY.com) January 8, 2013 - Marinette, WI -- Doctors come in many specialized fields: some doctors specialize in women's health, others in the development of children, mental health, cancer, etc. Different practices have different names. Lorrence Hnatuk is a surgeon who specializes in the diagnoses, treatment, and corrections of ailments or diseases of the ears, nose and throat. As a doctor who specializes in the head and neck region of the body, Lorrence Hnatuk is an otolaryngologist.

Lorrence Hnatuk earned his MD in 1988, from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. He spent his first couple years as a resident doctor performing medical research. It was in 1995, that Lorrence Hnatuk became board certified in the Royal College of Surgeons in Canada and the United States' American Board of Medical Specialties. After he became certified to practice medical in the United States, Lorrence Hnatuk began work as an otolaryngologist in North Dakota.

Lorrence Hnatuk is legal to practice his work as a surgeon in three states: North Dakota, Georgia, and Wisconsin. It was in Wisconsin where Lorrence Hnatuk settled down to create his own private practice in Marinette, Wisconsin. He founded Northern Lights Clinic in 1999. "I had wanted my own medical clinic for a while. Not only is it nice to say I am President and Founder of Northern Lights Clinic, but I have more authority to make sure that patients are receiving the best care possible," says Lorrence Hnatuk.

As the owner of his own practice, Lorrence Hnatuk wanted patients to be aware that not only was a specialist dedicated to treating and correcting their medical needs, but also the customer service his clinic could offer would be top of the line. "I want people to know they have our complete focus, they are not just another patient with a medical condition, that is why our clinic's motto is 'big enough to cure, small enough to care,'" says Lorrence Hnatuk.

Lorrence Hnatuk is very proud of his creation. His clinic's reputation for quality service has grown over the past decade. Lorrence Hnatuk now has three other clinic locations including Green Bay, Niagara, and Oconto Falls. "We will continue to work hard serving our patients needs and demonstrate the professional care and quality of our team," says Lorrence Hnatuk.


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