MRI Scan - a Painless Procedure
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan is a painless procedure that detects even minute structural abnormalities in the human body.
( July 8, 2010 - Brooklyn, NY -- Unlike other methods such as CT scans and x-rays, this modern scanning method does not emit harmful radiations. MRI provides a clear scanned picture of the particular body part. Recent studies show that nearly ten million people undergo MRI scanning process every year.

Diagnosis of Potential Health Conditions

MRI scan has become a recommended medical imaging process for proper evaluation of various health conditions. Problems affecting the spine, brain, joints, heart, and blood vessels can be easily examined through this method. The procedure employs advanced computer software to ensure clear cross-sectional images of the body structure. For identifying tumors, spondylolisthesis, joint dislocations, cancer, vascular disease, lumbar disc herniation, sports related injuries or any kind of bodily disorder, physicians depend on this method.

Radiation-Free, Non-Invasive and Harmless Procedure

MRI is a radiation free, non-invasive and totally harmless diagnostic procedure. A combination of magnetic and radio waves is utilized for this scanning process. This scanning process is characterized by very soft sound gradients and is completely free from ionizing radiations. But patients with metal implants, pacemakers, cochlear implants, and intracranial aneurysm clips are advised to refrain from this scanning process.

Added Comforts in MRI Scanning Procedure

You can find some of the MRI systems featuring large gantry opening that reduces the anxiety of the patients to a great extent. Spacious, open MRI suite is offered in certain facilities for the comfort of patients who are obese and claustrophobic. MRI utilizes dedicated equipment for scanning and immediate output of scanned images within minimum time.

MRI scan is a painless procedure that is highly beneficial, guaranteeing optimal results, with practically no side effects.


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