EZ8A announces the eligibility for DBE Certification
EZ8A reveals the qualifications required to take part in the DBE certification program. With the assistance of Disadvantaged Business Certification, small business owners can bid for the projects funded by the US Department of Transportation easily.
(prHWY.com) January 18, 2013 - Wilder, KY -- Wilder, Kentucky December 6th 2012, EZ8A, EZ8A announces the eligibility requirements for businesses to get DBE certified and participate in several federal projects including building railroads, airports, roads and ports. EZ8A states that, for a business to get DBE certified, an economically and socially disadvantaged individual should control 51% of the ownership. Furthermore, it is imperative for the business to be a member of a group, certified as disadvantaged by the Small Business Administration to become eligible for the DBE certification.

EZ8A states that, a business must justify its social and economic disadvantage to get the SBA 8a Certification.To add to it, EZ8A professionals state that the disadvantaged personnel controlling the business should not have net worth of more than $750,000, in order to qualify for the DBE program of the SBA. "The calculation of the net worth should exclude items such as owner's interest in the applying firm and personal residence," An EZ8A spokesperson said.

According to EZ8A, the business of the applicant must be certified as small and meet the criteria set by the SBA. This states that the annual gross receipt should not be more than $22,410,000 in the last three fiscal years. EZ8A also emphasizes on the authority of a disadvantaged business owner that affects the management and regulations of the company. According to the eligibility factors, the disadvantaged owner should have a sound knowledge of the technical and managerial aspects and must have adequate expertise in the related field. EZ8A also affirms that the business applying for the DBE Certification must be completely independent and should not be related with any other business in terms of control and administration.

DBE certification allows the firms to gains extensively from the hugely funded projects of the US Department of Transportation. The overall process takes precisely 90 days to get completed. If any signature, documentation or information is lacking in the application, it would be considered as incomplete by the SBA.

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