Bharath Balu; Proud Contributor to Science
Bharath Balu has contributed years to breaking down and understanding the malaria
( January 22, 2013 - Harrisonburg,, Vanuatu -- Bharath Balu has spent over a decade researching how the malaria parasite affects people. While what it does to the body is understood, the question now is how can we use science to find a new anti-malarial drug? That is what Bharath Balu has dedicated a large portion of his life to answering.

"There are millions infected with the disease and we need to find a new anti-malarial drug, it is an infectious disease that has been killing humans throughout our history," says Bharath Balu. In order to try to unlock a new drug, Bharath Balu has dedicated years to looking at the very makeup of the malaria parasite. It is his hope that looking at the molecular and biological makeup of the parasite will provide the information he and other scientists need.

Bharath Balu's research of malaria started early. As an undergraduate student, Bharath Balu studied microbiology. He continued his education until he earned his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame in biological sciences. "I grew up in India, there are many poor people who suffer from the disease. With all the advances we have made in science, it is only a matter of time before we find a new drug for resistant strains of malaria," says Bharath Balu. That is why scientists around the world share their findings and research.
Bharath Balu has attended many scientific conferences and presented his research and findings as a research scientist. He has attended over 35 science conferences in different states and presented at three international conferences. Making presentations at conferences are only one way Bharath Balu has presented his research to the world. "As a research scientist, I've published my research in a number of science journals. My first article was published in 2003," says Bharath Balu.

Bharath Balu has been honored to contribute so much to the academic and scientific community. Between 2003 and 2013, he published 20 research articles. His articles have appeared in 16 different esteemed science journals. "I'm very proud of the research I've performed and that much of that research is available for others to read and review," says Bharath Balu


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