Diet Programs to Lose Weight - 7 Principles You Need To Know About -
Diet Programs to Lose Weight - 7 Principles You Need To Know About -
( January 23, 2013 - Iowa City, IA -- Diet Programs to Lose Weight - 7 Principles You Need To Know About -

People are constantly in search for diet programs to lose weight. It is in fact considered as a global epidemic condition which is still awaiting a reliable solution. The presence of frauds, bad diet consultants increase the difficulty in finding out the best possible solution.
There are also other options for weight loss in which a surgery is required. This involves health risk and is not advised for everyone. Instead we can go in for natural ways of weight reduction.
At first, when people were thinking about a diet programs to lose weight all they knew was less calorie diet and BMR. Thus programs whose main target was to cut down on high calorie food and thereby get the body to use existing fat for day to day duties.
Then, it was very evident that the calorie content in each food varies and in turn affects hormonal balance. These hormones are very much important for weight gain or loss. For example, intake of carbohydrates increases insulin secretion which is responsible for fat storage.
By practice, people discovered that certain fruits and vegetables had a negative calorie effect. Increased intake of these fruits and vegetables helped to lose weight. However these foods also had a drawback, which is the reason diet programs to lose weight don't depend only on fruits and vegetables.
Whenever a new diet program came up, the frauds and copy cats were also up to the task. They also came up with new ways, out of which some even benefited out of these methods.
The fact is that any diet plan can lead to losing weight, but the consistent one is what people want. However the desire for a quick weight loss resulted in many diet plans that don't have that permanent effect.
Following 7 principles are got from our present knowledge on diet:
- Calorie intake should not be very high or very low; either way it affects weight related hormones.
- Where calorie comes from matters, it is the deciding factor which affects weight related hormones.
- In general, people who fall in the age group of 30 years or above have a decreased growth hormone secretion and develop imbalance in insulin levels. Both these conditions results in weight gain.
- Hormones are responsible for fat deposits in specific parts of the body. Main culprit for abdominal fat deposits is cortisol and insulin is responsible for fat deposits in lower limbs.
- Only diet or exercise can never help you lose weight effectively. It is always the combination of these two, which does the miracle.
- One must make sure regular exercise is also a part of their diet programs to lose weight. Apart from helping to burn the extra fat, exercise also helps in increasing growth hormone secretion.
- Incorrect lifestyle always results in increased body weight.
One must look for diet programs to lose weight that will help them attain their goal that simultaneously changes their lifestyle for good, in a safe way.



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