ATM Company - The Presence Of An ATM Machine In A Business Increases A Business' Bottom Line In A Variety Of Ways
Before jumping into purchasing an ATM machine be sure to do your home work.
( January 31, 2013 - Florida, FL -- Florida, Jan 31, 2013 - Before jumping into purchasing an ATM machine be sure to do your home work. Once you purchase one you still need an ATM company to process the transactions (similar to credit card processing).

With advances in technology and the number of really good machines still in service we see many used machines for sale on the internet including auction sites. I urge you to beware of any used machine unless you know exactly where it came from, when it was processing last and who serviced it.

A reputable ATM Company should offer ATM's with or without processing. They would also offer ATM processing only if you already have an ATM Machine. If you have a working ATM Machine and know all the passwords and have all the keys a good company should be able to simply re-program your ATM Machine onto their ATM processing platform. To find out if an ATM machine you're considering purchasing is compliant we recommended calling some ATM processing Companies.

A Reputable company will typically require a processing agreement to protect you and them legally as required by sponsoring banks and networks. ATM Agreements protect you since these companies are moving your funds when one of your customers withdraws cash from your ATM. They move the funds from that ATM customers bank account into your bank account. That should be done nightly except for weekends. Agreements protect the ATM company because many of them don't charge set up fees but incur costs to set up your system so it takes them a few months to a year to recapture those costs.

Some ATM companies also offer ATM equipment at drastically reduced prices to get you to sign a long term processing agreement. This is typically a loss leader so you only look at how cheap the ATM equipment really is and don't really pay attention to the ATM processing portion of the deal.

ATM Distibutor - If the ATM Machine you found is cheaper than everyone else, make sure you read the term of the processing agreement. Most ATM Companies that offer crazy deals on the ATM Machine will make you sign a very long term agreement for ATM processing.

If an ATM company is selling ATMs too cheap or offers a rebate that's too high, then something has to suffer. They can't give ATM machines away and give you a high rebate and give you proper service or stay in business. Remember, they are handling your money. You want them to make money so they stay in business to handle any issues that arise.

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