Sought-After Tupelo Mortgage Loan Firm Provides Insights on ID Theft
Identity theft is a crime where someone uses information about another person without their knowledge and consent.
( February 1, 2013 - Tupelo, MS -- Tupelo, Mississippi (December 23, 2012) - Tupelo mortgage loan firm, Churchill Mortgage Corporation, is providing its insight on identity (ID) theft. It explains why everyone should take this matter seriously, as well as offer pointers on what to do to avoid this from happening.

Identity theft is a crime where someone uses information about another person without their knowledge and consent. A perpetrator can steal one's name and address, credit card or banking information, and social security or medical insurance numbers. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that over 9 million Americans experience ID theft every year.

Identity theft can have a significant and negative impact on its victims, ranging from unauthorized purchases of goods or services, to pursuit of money supposedly owed, to taking hits on credit scores. If a person's credit score is affected due to ID theft, it can affect his or her chances for example, of being approved for a mortgage loan application.

Churchill Mortgage shares some tips on how to protect against ID theft. Among its suggestions are to check one's credit report regularly for possible issues, examine bank and credit card statements for any unauthorized transaction, and to never throw away paper documents containing sensitive personal information.

Additionally, the lending company has prepared an Identity Theft Guide tackling more on the subject. It gives further details on how ID theft can affect a person, steps on how to prevent fraud, and what to do if one experiences it. Churchill's guide is available as a PDF document anyone can download at any time.

The Tupelo mortgage refinance group advises everyone to guard against this problem. Visit to find out more.

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