Competent General Correspondence Transcription Solutions from MOS Legal Transcription Service
MOS Legal Transcription Service is offering general correspondence transcription at competitive rates to help businesses streamline their office procedures.
( February 28, 2013 - Tulsa, OK -- A large volume of recorded or dictated letters and other types of correspondence can pile up in a busy office, making it impossible to locate a file when it is needed. It is to resolve such crises that MOS Legal Transcription Service offers structured general correspondence transcription services.

A leading legal transcription company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MOS Legal Transcription Service can provide customized transcription solutions for any sector - legal, medical, media, corporate, and so on. The company enjoys the right blend of professional expertise and advanced technology, allowing it to effectively carry out its transcription assignments. Its team of transcriptionists is well-versed in the specialized terminology and formatting unique to different types of general correspondence.

MOS Legal Transcription Service can provide general transcription solutions for seminars, legal letters, strategic-planning sessions, workers compensation, educational institutions, routine correspondence, symposiums and consortia, conferences and many more.

In view of the fact that most of the files coming in for transcription contain confidential information, MOS Legal Transcription Service takes extreme care to maintain and protect their security. The company's legal transcription outsourcing solutions are technology driven and fully complaint to all protocols applicable to the security of confidential data.

One vivid instance of the company's commitment to data security relates to its file transfer system. Both File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and browser-based utilities are in place to ensure safe file transfer. The company utilizes 256 bit AES encryption for secure transfer of files over the internet using Internet Explorer, Netscape and so on.

The major benefits that clients can enjoy with this general correspondence service include consistently error-free documents with multilevel quality assurance, availability of full workflow modules, flexible dictation options, round-the-clock customer service, transcription management software and competitive pricing.

In contrast to carrying out in-house transcription, businesses can save up to 30-40% on costs by outsourcing general correspondence transcription to MOS Legal Transcription Service. Additionally, clients that sign up for more than six months and require a minimum volume of 5000 lines a month receive a brand new Olympus digital recorder free of cost.

About MOS Legal Transcription Service

MOS Legal Transcription Service is a US-based legal transcription company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company provides quality assured, affordable transcription services across many areas of the legal profession such as real estate, family, personal injury, court proceedings, business, insurance, corporate, and criminal law.

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