Insurance buyer MERRY GO ROUND cost consumers millions in premium and claims!
Wise up and get off the insurance buyers "Merry Go Round" to get the best price, best policy or both.
( March 13, 2013 - Niles, IL -- Wise up and get off the insurance buyers "Merry Go Round" to get the best price, best policy or both. Consumers have been falling victims to the insurance "merry go round" for decades.

What is the MERRY GO ROUND? Typically a large majority consumers will shop two to three companies to compare. Then give up and either purchase a product. For insurance they will switch companies if they find a better price. Otherwise they will just give up and keep what they have. The BIG ad spenders at the top of that list are companies like State Farm, Allstate, American Family, Farmers, Geico. Because those companies are spending Billions and Billions, year after year, drumming their company names, over and over into the brains of consumers, people find it too easy to just check those companies. Basically, all that does is put people in touch with a small in bred group of what some professionals will call 'Generic Insurance' policies. They meet state regulations and might have a couple of unique features, but for the most part they're all the same. Sure they might save money by changing to one of these companies but they still don't get the most savings or the best policy when they do.

One thing to note is that all of these direct captive employee agent companies are financially strong. 'IF' (big IF) you have the proper coverage and the right definitions inside the policy you could be ok at claim time.

All of these companies have limits and restrictive definitions created by their legal teams in their respective policies. It never used to be that way until these major companies lead the way to change and restrict what used to be not be the case.

For example, each of the direct companies that sell home insurance have specific limitations and restrictions with their own definition for the meaning of replacement cost as it applies to rebuilding a home after it's damaged. This is the major reason why so many people think insurance companies are a 'rip off' Many times homes that have to be rebuilt end up costing the owners huge sums of money out their own pockets. The insurance policy 'cap' limit as it's often referred to stops at 120% of the policy limit for the dwelling.

Bob Korvas was a former captive direct agent for American Family but left in 1997. He didn't like those restrictions and the uncovered amounts that his clients would have to pay out of pocket because of the way those policies were written. He had no options to offer. Now Bob's an independent insurance broker chicago and doesn't have that problem. He tells us he has several companies with either 'NO CAP' or a cap that up to 200% of the dwelling amount limit. Often the premiums are the same or less than the captive direct companies. You can find policies with NO CAP and 200% policies on line at

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