A Fun & Entertaining Fertility Calendar Receives Accolades from Married Couples
Rhythm Daddy Fertility calendar receives tributes from married couples as it assists them in a effortless way to conceive or avoid conception by keeping of fertile period.
(prHWY.com) March 14, 2013 - Pittsburgh, PA -- To monitor fertile period, most women use a fertile calendar. Couples those who use a fertile calendar are usually beleaguered to have a child. RhythmDaddy is such a fun and entertaining ovulation calendar for men to keep track of their spouse's fertility cycle.

"Our fertile calendar is a user-friendly application, it just need few info to track the fertility cycle. Women who are trying to conceive or those who want to avoid conception will have to enter the length and date of their last menstrual cycle. RhythmDaddy can help you monitor the likelihood of succeeding", quoted the spokesperson of RhythmDaddy.

Ovulation calendar is best for those women who have regular 24-35 day menstrual cycles. If their menstrual cycle varies from month to month it will be little difficult to track. Nevertheless men will get the result. This calendar figures out the ovulation depending on the standard cycle. Using it furthermore assumes that you're going to ovulate exactly two weeks before the beginning of your next cycle. This calendar will predict, the days when your spouse is more fertile, what else can do to increase the odds to become pregnant, how to improve the chances of having a boy/girl baby and determines the foetus sex. This is why most couples love to download this amazing fertile calendar.

One can also download the RhythmDaddy calendar effortlessly and track by their own. To buy and download it, just get iTunes now. This calendar measures fertility based on, woman's menstrual cycle, cervical fluid and body temperature, medications and supplements, exercise and physical activity, and more.

"I found that the traditional female ovulation calendar was too clinical. RhythmDaddy is funny, but it is a unique practical app designed for men who want to keep track of their partner's cycle", said Brett one of the customer who experienced RhythmDaddy.

About RhythmDaddy:

RhythmDaddy is a fun and entertaining fertile calendar that tracks fertile and non-fertile days. Results are presented in a color-coded calendar showing fertile periods. To know more visit http://www.rhythmdaddy.com/


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