Bruce Drogo: Personal Trainer and Fitness Counselor
To help people achieve their fitness goals, Bruce Drogo uses his own fitness training experience and fitness education.
( March 14, 2013 - West Chester, PA -- To help people achieve their fitness goals, Bruce Drogo uses his own fitness training experience and fitness education. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, he has a long list of clients in 25 states, which include professional fighters, other fitness trainers, military personnel, body guards and private individuals. To instruct the latest in fitness ideas and concepts, he travels all over the U.S. to various health clubs and martial arts and personal training centers.

Fitness and nutrition programs custom-fit to the needs of specific clients, meant to keep them motivated and excited about working out are designed by Bruce Drogo. Body-sculpting, fat-reduction, conditioning and applying boxing and kickboxing routines to workouts are his forte.

Personal training is not a job for Bruce Drogo; it is a passion. He believes that his clients' success is his success, too, and he enjoys what he does. Whether clients are already in shape and want to reach their next fitness goal or even when they are completely out of shape and need the help of someone like him, he is interested in helping them as long as they are equally passionate and committed to achieving their fitness goals.

Bruce Drogo Fitness Consulting

Need help running a successful fitness center? Ever consider hiring a fitness consultant? Here are a few advantages in doing so. The key to fitness center success is not all about new members; it's about keeping members longer.
Maybe hiring a fitness consultant could help you keep your members for life. The combination of aging population, obesity epidemic, and the shift to preventative measures for staying healthy has created a demand in the fitness economy, but maybe just having a gym is not enough. The solution could be very simple. The job of a fitness consultant is to provide presentations and guidance to individuals, and groups focusing on exercise and nutrition.

The gym experience can be intimidating to some, so by having an on site consultant, will make the individual feel at ease while being lead in the right direction, while being given the correct tools for exercise and nutrition. The fitness consultant is usually responsible for promoting and selling memberships to potential new members and selling renewals/upgrades to existing gym members. Fitness centers of all sizes are seeking ways to control member absenteeism and improve productivity. The answer could be as simple as a consultant. Bruce the fit boss Drogo has been in the fitness industry for 30 years.


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