Former Marine Launches eWisdom TVâ„¢ to Empower Financial Freedom
Invites Former Military Personnel to Share their Expertise via How to Videos and Answers On Demand.
( July 27, 2010 - Sweeny, TX -- eWisdom TV, the first expert how to video site empowering millions to get paid for their knowledge, announced today a special section called Veteran Experts and invites Former Marines and other Veterans to share their knowledge via How to Videos and "Answers on Demand". By joining eWisdom TV, those military personnel negatively impacted by the financial crisis can begin to establish their Expert Channel and start getting paid for sharing their expertise with the World.

eWisdom TV provides the first monetization platform for experts around the World to upload short how to videos and get paid for their expertise. In a rapidly changing business landscape there are many casualties in the form of people who have lost their jobs due to outsourcing or downsizing. These casualties are people with deep expertise in their field, some of them having spent a lifetime learning their crafts. eWisdom TV is dedicated to helping these skilled individuals impacted by the economy get paid for their talent and knowledge.

According to Milissa Wise, Founder and CEO of eWisdom TV and a Former Marine, " Our passion is for people to take back control of their destiny and become the captain of their life's ship. Your knowledge is valuable, you must take responsibility for your economic health, and there is always a way for those willing to adapt and grow... eWisdom TV is here to support you as you not only survive, but to also help you thrive. We are taught in the marines to overcome and adapt, eWisdom TV serves as a vehicle to do just that."

eWisdom TV is the right platform for the emerging distributed global workplace where people must actively manage their career and financial freedom by looking beyond the traditional job path. It is now necessary to be proactive about your own career like never before. However, what's missing is a powerful yet easy to use service for experts to sell their expertise to a global marketplace.

Veterans are invited to sign up free at to create their Expert profile visible to the public and upload their how to tutorial videos. The content optimization experts at the website are available to help with registration, video creation, uploading of videos and other questions.

How does eWisdom TV work:
With our "How to" Video Library Feature, you earn $1.00 of the $1.99 every time one of your videos are purchased. With our Answers on Demand Feature:

* For new experts with less than 250 satisfied replies, you earn 60% of what a buyer is offering for an answer
* For experts with over 250 satisfied replies, you earn 80% of what a buyer is offering for an answer

Once you have accumulated $25.00 in earnings, you simply click the GET PAID button on your My Channel Profile page and we will make a payment through PayPal within 7 business days.

About eWisdomTV
eWisdom TV connects people with credible experts through "How to" Videos and Q&A platforms. The idea of this site was conceptualized for two specific reasons:

1. Time required to find the specific answer
2. Determining whether that answer is credible and correct

eWisdom TV resolves these challenges by creating a win-win situation where people can get expert answers quickly and affordably and experts get paid for their knowledge. There are resources for the experts to help them understand how to create a professional video and how to market it correctly through social media. For more information click here

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