Island Grill Earns Awards
Island Grill earns awards at the recent 21st Annual Chocolate Fantasy Charity Event
( March 16, 2013 - Albuquerque, NM -- The Island Grill takes pride for its awards that it received recently under the restaurant/caterer category. The details of the awards are like this, it received first place for "Most Artistic Sculpture Division", third place for "Best Tasting Samples Division", "Overall Best of Show", which was based on the combined scores of artistic and taste. The amazing thing about this Overall best of show is that the Island Grill lost the winning place by 1/600th of a point, which was a remarkable thing in the history of this field. The other award is the "People's Choice Award", which was awarded by the event attendees, based on their votes for best sculpture and taste. The noticeable thing is that there were seven hundred attendees on the day of event this year.

This event was held on March 2 2013, on Saturday, at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa, at Albuquerque. This was the 21st Annual Chocolate Fantasy Charity Event that was themed as, "Once Upon a Time...An Enchanted Chocolate Fantasy". The sculpture prepared by the Island Grill was titled as, "An Enchanted Caribbean Castle... Fantasy"; an interpretation of the Event's theme, in Caribbean. The concept behind this great title is that most fairy tales and enchanted stories begin with "Once upon a Time..." and these fairy tales and enchanted stories do include an enchanted castle. Therefore, the title, "An Enchanted Caribbean Castle...Fantasy", where Castle is out of sight in Caribbean, which is why it is a fantasy for them. Therefore, this title stood out for its suitable meaning to the sculpture.

Describing this Enchanted Caribbean Castle, it is perched on an island, with its light as a beacon for all to see, and this beautiful castle is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, very much alive with fishes, dolphins, whales, crabs, sea horses and shells. It was a wonderful picture of this artistic sculpture, which is why the Island Grill blew the competition, and bagged these awards. It is not just the sculpture but also the taste that impressed a friend, who tasted the piece and named it "Mango Chocolate Boom-Boom", expressing the experience of the mixed flavors of sweet, berry, fruity, spicy, and fiery, which were consistent with the Caribbean interpretation of the theme.

The exciting thing about Island Grill is that, it is now planning to start a photo contest, in which the recent attendees, who took pictures of the sculpture can submit their pictures and win an exotic 5 course Caribbean feast for 25 people. Therefore, one can visit the website for more details.

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