New Book Asks Adults: "When Was The Last Time You Played Hide and Seek?"
A New Fearless You is a motivational self help book that uses childhood games to help adults put their fears in their rightful place -- in the rearview mirror. You just thought you stopped playing Hide and Seek, Simon Says & Tag!
( March 28, 2010 - Castle Rock, CO -- A New Fearless You Shows How Stressed-Out Grownups Can Stop Playing Childhood Games

St. Louis, MO (3/21/10) - When was the last time you played Hide and Seek or any other childhood game? Probably yesterday or even today - you just didn't know it, says the new thought-provoking book, A New Fearless You, by Evonne Weinhaus, LPC, LCSW, and Cindy Smith, MA, and published by Breakthrough Transformations. Based on the premise that grownups still play games like Hide and Seek and Simon Says when they're afraid, stressed out or their backs are against the wall, A New Fearless You provides a refreshing approach to overcoming your fears and developing a new game plan, one that puts fear in its place - in the rearview mirror.

"By using games such as Hide and Seek, Simon Says, Mother May I and Tag, we develop a non-threatening and universal language for talking about the fears we might otherwise be afraid to look at," says Weinhaus, a two-time best selling author who lives in St. Louis. "Fear can be debilitating, so when you learn how to Play In the Sandbox together (nicely, that is) and play Pin the Tail, you're ready to take the blindfold off and live a life best described as fearless."

Weinhaus, also co-author of the best sellers Stop Struggling with Your Child and Stop Struggling With Your Teen has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America and The Today Show, and has been featured in Working Mother, Family Circle and Woman's Day.
"A New Fearless You takes readers on a journey out of living small to being fully alive, creative and self expressed and living a life that is full" says Diane Kirschner, author of Love in 90 Days.

Scheduled for an April 2010 release in time for Stress Awareness Month, A New Fearless You explains that stress is a euphemism for fear and readers are guided through a unique four-step process called "Face It, Embrace It, Ace It and Replace It," thus providing a new more positive definition of fear. The results: a reduction in stress, resolution of problems that keep you stuck, and re-energized relationships, which are all excellent stress-busting strategies.

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