Braidless Sew-in Hair Weave Class Now Has An Online Classroom
"The braidless sew-in 1HourWeave course prepares students to make their dreams come true with career in the beauty industry.
( March 19, 2013 - Holly, HI -- Tampa (I-Newswire) February 5, 2013 - 1HourWeave the original Braidless sew-in weave has done it again.

Always ahead of the curve, has created a proprietary education system based on bridge engineering, that facilitates hair weaving with no braids or glue. The online class is only $99. No license is needed to learn.

(I-Newswire) - As the economy tightens even further, it has become painfully apparent that people need new ways to feed their family and make fast cash for bills. New technology that will allow a student to learn quickly and efficiently. As well as, technical skills that will follow students through out their lifetime.

Overall employment of barbers, hairdressers, cosmetologists, and even shampoo people is expected to grow at least 14 percent between 2010 to 2020, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's a very healthy employment outlook for those who choose to become involved in this forward moving industry. Cosmetology and barbering have always been a perfect job alternative for people who need a flexible schedule. is and because it truly is the ORIGINAL braidless hair weave technique. Anyone who has ever been interested in the beauty business can learn the method quite quickly and easily from the online education classroom. The first level Braidless Sew-in 1HourWeave class teaches how to add hair extensions for the standard procedure. 90% of clients require this level of service. Level 2 and 3 are much more advanced. Level 2 teaches natural hair technique. While level 3 breaks down how to easily add extensions up to 50% balding and thinning clients heads. Each and every class provides ground breaking, exclusive information on various braidless sew-in 1HourWeave techniques and short-cuts.
The Braidless Sew-in 1HourWeave online classroom may be accessed 24/7 by registered students. Students can now learn from any computer. Currently, no license is required to register and take the course.
Anyone with a creative edge, is poised to make it big in the the beauty industry. After 30 years, Paashion the inventor says "Its the most fun you can have on the job! I still love it after all this time working in the field! The opportunities, positions and numerous salon atmospheres bring something to the table for every personality. I believe anyone can find a position to thrive in. The income potential is truly unlimited for motivated creative people, that includes men and women."
"As a nationwide leader in Hair Weaving and extensions, 1HourWeave will continue to focus on and innovate products, technology & techniques." says Paashion, Inventor of the original Braidless sew-in 1HourWeave." The concept of a "braidless sew-in" is currently the buzz in the industry and is prepared to help position it's graduates and certified salons at the top.

The braidless sew-in 1HourWeave technique has been on the cutting edge of hair extensions for over 15 years. Based on suspension bridge engineering it is applicable for all hair textures and prepares stylist to easily service 1 client per hour.

What would normally take 2 - 4 hours, takes only 60 minutes or less with this method.
Braidless SewIn Classes are $99 for level 1. or or


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