Responsibilities of San Jose electricians
Commercial Electrical contractor works in commercial establishment like oil and rig companies, factories, mines etc.
( March 24, 2013 - Santa Clara, SC -- Commercial electricians inspect, install and test wiring systems in all types of commercial establishments and machineries. The scope of work of commercial electrician covers construction, engineering and manufacturing industries. The four areas where San Jose electricians works are for panel building, instrumentation, repair and maintenance. Panel building is putting together control panels which are required for buildings lighting, ventilation and heating system. Maintenance includes testing and servicing electro mechanical equipment. A repair is fixing faults in machinery or equipments.

Commercial electrician is a skilled person who possesses knowledge and skill related to installation and maintenance of electrical devices and components in commercial establishments. They inspect, install, repair and service electrical equipments such as generators, pumps, heavy duty machines, electrical and electronic controls. Commercial electricians are employed in maintenance department of factories, mines, oil and gas rigs etc. A commercial electrician is required to pass secondary school and require completing industrial electrician apprenticeship program which extends to four or five years. The main duties of commercial electrician are to read and interpret drawings, blue prints and electrical code specification to determine layout of commercial electrical equipment installation, test electrical and electronic equipment and components for the voltage resistance etc. Apart from this they are also supposed to troubleshoot, maintain, repair electrical and electronic control systems in commercial establishments, conduct preventive maintenance programs and maintain the preventive maintenance records, install, maintain and calibrate industrial instrumentation etc.

Many commercial establishments have complex electronic equipments which is a part of the business. Electricians who work in commercial organizations are required to adhere to the safety rules because they work in complex situations. Work in commercial electrical equipments is often carried out in the factory floor where noise, dirt and heat are common. Various protective equipments and safety equipments are to be worn before attending the repair work. Good eye sight and color perception is also a necessity for commercial electricians who need to work in various components in the equipments. San Jose electricians have various commercial electricians available and it is better to go through the website of various electrical companies and select a best one from the choices available. It is also better to go through the comments of the customers and make a final choice. Getting quotes from different electrical contractors is the other way which helps in finalizing a contractor. The experience of the contractor and the licenses it hold in this field is another yardstick to finalize a contractor.


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