EZ8A declares the extension of access to loan programs by SBA
EZ8A highlights the expansion of access to the loan programs by SBA for the small business owners. This would enable the company owners to meet their financial crunch and temporary crisis significantly.
(prHWY.com) March 25, 2013 - Wilder, KY -- EZ8A, a market leading SBA 8a contract consultant operating in the US, has recently announced the SBA's extension plan regarding access to the loan programs to the small business owners. Such an effort will undoubtedly help the firm owners to upsurge and meet their temporary financial crunch that can affect its daily operations. EZ8A is a well-known SBA consulting firm, which has gained proficiency in the related field by offering high-precision consulting services to all its clients. Updating the clients regarding the current activities of SBA sets EZ8A apart from others.

According to EZ8A, the lenders and borrowers of loans who are supported by SBA have the access to huge capital and limited paperwork, due to the proposed rule focused at customizing the SBA 8 application process. Such borrowers will also solidify oversight and uprightness of the loan programs of the agency. Such an approach by SBA has been taken to rationalize and simplify its application procedure. The recommended change will lessen the paperwork and improve the possibility of getting access to substantial capital, which will enable the potential entrepreneurs, and small firm owners get adequate financial resources to create good jobs. An EZ8A professional said, "The proposed rules will offer the small firm owners better access to funds via the two biggest loan programs, thereby limiting the taxpayer dollars."

EZ8A further affirms that there are a number of 8A contract opportunities, which can be availed by an applicant on successful completion of the application. EZ8A states that the SBA proposes all new measures to locate the biggest challenges and overcome the obstacles to get the loans, at the same time maintain oversight on a strict note. Some of the proposed changes of the SBA include:

Removing the Personal Resource Test

A borrower of money is not required to procure a maximum personal finance resource level. This rationalizes the loan process by eradicating the possibility of any regulations.

Eradicating the 9-month rule

The 9-month rule eliminates the restriction, which limits a business to include the expenses incurred before submission of the loan application. According to the new rule, a candidate is allowed to include expenses incurred anytime.

Reviewing the Affiliation rule

Revising the new SAB rule will give the small firm owners access to the funds, who would not have qualified in normal condition. The new rule will lessen the paperwork and help the candidates get access to the federal funds.

SBA isa federal body, which offers 8A certification, DBE certification or HubZone certification, with the sole objecting to help the qualified, and competent small firm owners reach their triumph in the federal market place.

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