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Apex Coating Services excels in providing rising damp treatment of walls all across Britain due to the weather.
( July 30, 2010 - Kent, United Kingdom -- For Immediate Release

For homeowners, considering either wall coatings or damp proofing walls, a family run business has a solution that perfectly fits the bill.

Kent, United Kingdom, 26th July 2010 - The summer months are very often the time when many UK citizens start to think about damp proofing walls and applying wall coatings, since the dry weather provides an ideal opportunity to have such tasks carried out ahead of the wetter weather in the autumn and winter. Damp proofing walls is increasingly important since the average rainfall in the UK over the past few years has been rising steadily, giving many older properties a challenge in terms of preventing dampness from entering the building.

But, there has often been a problem for many homeowners when it comes to wall coatings, because the choice seems to always be between wall coatings which look attractive and help to embellish the exterior look of a properly, boosting its kerb appeal and adding significant value to the property, or choosing wall coating which are suitable for damp proofing walls. Many exterior masonry paints and coatings simply cover up the wall, and whilst this may prevent moisture from entering the wall directly, they don't allow the walls to breathe. This means that any dampness absorbed naturally by the walls from the ground has nowhere to escape to, except into the property itself, causing rising damp problems, health problems, and unsightly mildew growth.

Apex Wall Coatings is a family run business that has a solution to the problem, because their wall coatings manage to combine the two requirements of attractive exterior looks, and damp proofing walls in a way that prevents the absorption of moisture whilst still letting the walls breathe, allowing moisture to escape. Apex Coating Services is able to provide a service which gives homeowners a wide range of different exterior looks and colours, with the reassurance that the procedure will leave their property very well protected against whatever the autumn and winter seasons may bring.

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Apex Coating Services is a family run business that offers wide range of products and services dealing with wall coatings and damp proofing walls across the UK.


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