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We will give your pet the most tender care and treatment it can ever receive so bring your ill pets for treatment or healthy ones for a regular check up today!
(prHWY.com) March 29, 2013 - Street Greenfield, WA -- We understand how dear your pets are to you and that is why we have strengthened our emergency vet Milwaukee department more than ever before. We know you want your pet to get cured as quickly as possible and you panic if anything goes wrong with your little furry friend. We have strengthened the emergency segment by appointing more doctors and staff members there and also changed the infrastructure such that we can treat over twenty emergency cases at the same time.

Things we do to make sure your pet is comfortable

We take care of animals like they are our own pets. We know that animals need to be given more tender care because they cannot express themselves. All they can do is make unusual sounds which only the owner and their doctors can understand. However, they can never fully express themselves. For this reason we need to take special care so that they are most comfortable and get painless treatment. We ensure this in the following ways:

* We offer them special oral anesthetics so that they do not receive a syringe as the first impression of a vet clinic. Unlike other vet clinics pets do not feel scared to enter ours.

* We offer bandages that will not hurt the fur while they are being removed. Our splints and casts are personalized and can be re-adjusted according to the frame of the pet so that they are comfortable wearing them.

* Our critical care ward has the infrastructure to allocate enough number of pets so that no pet has to wait for their owners to look for another hospital while in a critical condition.

* We do not encourage euthanasia but if it is the only way to end the pain of a particular pet, we do it in the most humane way possible.

* We also have the most skilled surgeons for surgical operations on any kind of pet.

* We have our emergency and critical care units operating 24*7 so that pets with conditions of such emergencies do not have to wait.

We also give behavioral therapy to the pets and that is why we have an animal psychology department as well where we treat all sorts of unusual behavioral patterns in your pet. Our emergency vet Milwaukee decides whether the behavior needs immediate change or whether it is harmless and normal enough to be allowed to remain.


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