Atlanticus Goes Candid About Risk Factors Involved in Investment
Atlanticus Financial Holdings Corporation, a leader in the financial services sector candidly mentions the various risk factors involved when investing in common stock with the company.
( March 30, 2013 - Atlanta, GA -- Atlanta, Georgia, 25th March 2013: Atlanticus, a company of global repute investing in companies engaged in financial services gets candid about the risk factors involved in stock investment. The detailed information of such risk factors are mentioned in the company's website through which the company seeks to maintain transparency and long term formidable relations with all its customers. The myriad risk factors, as put forth by Atlanticus may arise due to a number of reasons such as economic recessions, receivables influencing cash flows, exchange risks and others.

Through the elucidation of nature of risks and their causes, the company cautions its investors on the challenges they might face as no financial or stock investment is static. As the page on Risk Factors upholds, the company's financial services are dependent on a number of factors. Some of these are the impact of the economic conditions and its adversities which affects the cash flows and revenues, sufficient means of financing, employee errors, theft, damage of assets, mutual relationships with other financial institutions and many more.

Revealing more about these risk factors, the CEO of Atlanticus, David G. Hanna said, "Since our actual income is ultimately dependent on the performance of our receivables and loans in the financial market, there are often discrepancies in the actual and the estimated figures. Hence, although we might have speculated high revenues at certain times, it might not turn out to be so much in the reality due to changes or effects of the factors mentioned in our company's website. The web page is a small gesture from our side to keep our customers informed about the same from the very beginning so as to bring in transparency in our relationships."

The company is involved in proffering a range of financial services to end customers through its subsidiary organizations. These include Credit Card and Auto lending services, portfolio acquisitions, Retail Finance, loan servicing and other such activities. It is linked with some of the world's ace financial service providers and has been acclaimed for its excellent customer services.

Added the CEO, "Although we have our Headquarters in Atlanta in Georgia, USA, our offices are located in the United Kingdom and India as well. Our years of dedicated, world class services, impeccable technology and excellent global infrastructure have made us a coveted name in the financial industry."

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