Business Cards Size - Make It A Great First Impression On A Potential Employer Or Client With The Right Business Card Size
A business card is often the first impression a potential customer receives about a business or individual.
( March 31, 2013 - UK, AL -- USA, Mar 31, 2013 - A business card is often the first impression a potential customer receives about a business or individual. A poorly designed or thought-out business card leads to a negative first impression which can directly correlate to a loss of business. Luckily, adhering to a few simple tips during the printing process can help in the creation of a high quality business card.

Many design agencies and printing studios will have a list of preexisting card templates from which to choose. Additionally, by identifying the business cards that had the greatest personal impact, you are able to implement the most engaging part of their design into your own card. Most people lack the training or ability to identify the specific aspects of card design that catch their eye and appeal to them. Using an existing template allows you benefit from the experience of others.

Business Cards Size - Imaging how something is going to look while viewing an artist's rendering or computer generated image is much different then actually seeing the real life image. Additionally, the physical feel of a business card can often be just as import as the aesthetics. It may be necessary to try several print runs of different cards before settling on an acceptable version. Remember, most printing expenses are tax deductible business expenses.

Based on size logistics, a business card can only contain a limited amount of information while still maintaining its effectiveness. Obviously an online based business is not going to need to include an irrelevant office address on their business card, while absence of a web address in this case would be disastrous. Nonessential information offers little tangible value, while damaging the ability to convey critical information.

There are numerous methods of making your card stand out physically, including size, die cutting, and adding effects that change the overall thickness of the card. When someone sticks their hand into their pocket to throw your business card away, you want them to stop and take a second look based only on the weird feeling of the card.

This is more of an advanced tip, as it is very easy to create something that will put people off by being to different. However, just the right amount of different creates a unique item. Examples include inverting background and text color, adding a picture of the business person associated with the card, or offering a double sided card.

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