Location Mapping - The Obvious Marketing Strategy Most Companies Are Missing
Location mapping is one strategy that companies fail to do. By applying this method using Topo.ly online mapping, they can create a map and easily find ways to achieve business marketing success.
(prHWY.com) August 8, 2013 - Naperville, IL -- According to statistics shown by the Small Business Administration, two thirds of new entrepreneurs survive by two years and 44% are believed to survive in 4 years. What happened to the one third who were not able to make it? What will happen to these struggling new employer establishments? Some of them may have enough capital to support the business. Most of them may be professionals. They must really know the business they are into yet they still fail.

What these companies are missing is not the knowledge or the total business know-how. They lack one obvious step that will help them decide on things that really matter - location mapping. In the course of mankind's history, location has always been viewed as highly important to the manner of living. With so many great potentials that can be extracted just by understanding the location, the same truth is still applied today.

Topo.ly online mapping helps new entrepreneurs decide on the things that will make a great impact on their business. It helps them create a map to establish a connection to their customers. Tom Jenkins, a thriving businessman who owns a consulting firm said, "This tool never fails to make me look good with my clients."

Online Mapping - Smart & Easy Ways to Find (and Keep) Customers

Create a Map

Topo.ly users can create a map via a simple method of copy and paste of their address locations data plotted in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. In just a couple of minutes, they can view their map - a gateway of understanding their locations. By visualizing their data, they can easily find ways to create business plans that will be effective because they are fact-based.

Create a Heatmap

Heatmapping offered by Topo.ly allows its users to create a map by percentile based from their data sets and a set of territories. This type of heatmapping is proven effective to do location analysis in terms of sales, population, and other marketing factors. With this method, location density and percentage of sales are more clearly identified.

Add multiple data sets

Topo.ly Users can add not only their customers' data but also address location data of their competitors, other establishments frequently visited by their customers, and other locations of interests. When all data sets are shown on the map, they can clearly visualize the connections thus paving new ideas that can be used for new proposals, plans and business improvement.

As long as location is critical to business, long will location mapping be an integral tool to promote business. Topo.ly online mapping helps businesses achieve the success they deserve.


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