Web-Based Company Bridges Gap Between Small Business and Global Trade
DoExim Web Solutions Private Limited (OTC) to launch new B2B website that simplifies worldwide import-export for businesses of all sizes
(prHWY.com) April 11, 2015 - New York City, NY -- There's no doubt that eCommerce is still riding a meteoric growth trend, and numerous entrepreneurs and small business owners continue to jump on board that rising star. Unfortunately, for these smaller operations and start-ups, there's always been a difficult hurdle that doesn't exist for large, international corporations: global import and export of merchandise. Whether the "little guy" in the equation is the retailer looking for products or the manufacturer looking for vendors, being a small enterprise means that the worldwide market can be difficult to reach.

Entrepreneur Deba Mohanty is looking to narrow that chasm and simplify all aspects of import-export; his target clients are resale companies and manufacturers who want to broaden their reach. His ambitious new company is called DoExim Web Solutions - an amalgamation of the words "do export-import" - and the company's website is gearing up to become the go-to portal for empowering small manufacturers and traders.

Through DoExim.com, users will be able to overcome a number of difficulties that typically go along with worldwide trade. Two of the issues that DoExim will eliminate - which many small business owners will be glad to hear - are the hassles and legal troubles of documentation, and the economy-of-scale backlash that comes with ordering foreign goods in small quantities.

DoExim intends to provide a number of B2B services and create channels of commerce linking businesses of all sizes and types. Larger companies will find a new market for their goods on the DoExim website, while wholesalers can form relationships with manufacturers and resellers.

The DoExim website's official launch is scheduled for late July of 2015. Retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and eCommerce business owners are encouraged to contact DoExim in advance for more information.

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