Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
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( November 19, 2016 - Denver, CO -- Legal Help for Neglected and Abused Nursing Care Residents
Denver, Colorado, November 2016

Loved ones across the country are secretly suffering while in the trusted care of nursing facilities. Staff of the Special Investigations Division of the House Government Reform Committee, found that 30% of these 5,283 U.S. facilities in a recent 2 year period, received citations for approximately 9,000 instances of physical, sexual and/or verbal abuses. Some of this abuse was reportedly happening by caregivers, and others were victimized by other residents.

1.6 million elderly reside in 17,000 nursing homes nationwide and 11,000 are for-profit businesses. These for-profit businesses are funded primarily by the federal government mostly through Medicare and Medicaid programs, and therefore the government provides inspections and regulations through the states.

Federal safety and health standards are in place to protect the elderly from such abuse violations which include neglect, malnutrition, dehydration, meager sanitation and hygiene, preventable accidents, bedsores, inadequate medical care, and others. Some of these violations were serious enough that elders' immediate health was in danger and others had died from it. The United States Health and Human Service Department is responsible for enforcing regulations and investigating complaints and reports of abuse, but due to budgetary restrictions and being understaffed at state levels, it is difficult to perform them regularly. When elder misconduct occurs, it can be devastating to them as well as the family. There are ways to protect the ones you love through frequent visitation, monitoring medical records, being involved and advocating for their care and care plans and communicating with your loved one regularly. It is also important to report abuse to the proper authorities, which includes the police and social services, and it may also be important to hire an attorney with experience dealing with elder injustice.

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