What are some of the medical facilities doctors practice at Everett?
What are some of the medical facilities doctors practice at Everett?
(prHWY.com) August 1, 2010 - Everett, WA -- The Group Health Everett Medical Center is located in Everett, Washington. This medical Center houses many different specialty services, such as Allergy services, Cardiology, Otolaryngology, Eye Care, Occupational Medicine, and many others. It also houses Primary Care Physicians, including Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics. Similar to the Group Health Everett Medical Center, the Everett Clinic also provides a full gamut of health services, including walk-in clinics, lab and radiology services, and a wide array of specialty care services ranging from Facial Rejuvenation to Urology. This clinic also has a listing of Featured Specialty Services including Orthopedics and Oncology. Other facilities in the area include the Ankle & Foot Clinic of Everett, Cascade Midwives & Birth Center, and many others.

I don't currently have any medical insurance, are there health plans available through any of the facilities in Everett?

Yes, the Group Health Everett Medical Center provides many different types of health plans, available to accommodate most needs. Some of them include plans for Individuals and Families, Plans for State and Federal Employees, or even employer-sponsored plans for larger or small groups. While some of the plans allow for online enrollment, the Plan for Employers do not, as they are subsidized or sponsored through the employers, which affects the rate at which the plans are provided. The plans online provide for different levels of care, depending on the family's or individual's needs, and their budget. Preventive Care plans and Optional Dental Benefits are even available.

I am just moving to Everett, and will need to find a new physician. Where is a good place to start looking for information?

The Everett Clinic has a section to welcome patients on its website. The section 'How to Schedule an Appointment' provides location information for general healthcare needs, specialty physicians, as well as for special accommodations. Additionally, it provides a listing of information that will be needed from a patient when calling to set up an initial appointment. Some of these things include basic information such as patient name, and birth date, but also insurance and employer information. For patients looking to transfer medical records to an Everett doctor, they will need to have a release form signed and sent to their previous physician to have them released and sent to Everett. This form is required as there are strict laws in place directing medical records and privacy information.

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