STM Journals -Launches 60 new Scientific, Technical & Medical Journals in India
STM Journals have the strongest database of 35000 Indian and Foreign universities /Institutions/Research Institutes with complete information. Its coverage remains open for new arrivals that fit in under this umbrella.
( July 22, 2011 - Noida, India -- Date of Release: 19th July 2011.
Organization: STM Journals (Consortium e learning network Private Limited)
Location: Delhi, India

DELHI, INDIA - 19th July 2011: Journals and especially scientific journals are considered as the backbone of scientific knowhow and development of a country . Institutions all over the world always vie for subscribing best and latest journals which cater to the ever growing demand of their ingenious student and faculties .The development of science and technology infrastructure in India has resulted into tremendous amount of research work & publications.

STM(Science, technology and Medical ) has built up a strong research and development base in both the governmental and private sectors in all areas of Science, Technology and Medical and its possible related areas for taking the recent research works by using contemporary and modern techniques of scientific publications.

STM Director Dr. Archana Mehrotra said " We will soon be launching a new website to link all the Indian and International on line and print journals from different publishers under one roof so that all the findings reaches the reader in no time " .

"We look forward to see India as a major hub of scientific publications and also take the lead role in publishing quality research finding in Indian and International journals "said Dr. Mehrotra

40 online journals already launched in field of Science , Technology and Medical while 20 more focused journals in the same domain are in the pipeline . The pricing is too economical when it comes to quality and quantity papers . They have very experienced editorial board and very authentic peer review system. The current developments in different fields reaches them after going through rigorous checking mechanism (3 tier check ) to avoid any Plagiarism , delay or not worthy content .

STMJournals brings the range new of Scientific Journals like:

Science Journals

1. Journal of Energy, Environment & Carbon Credits
2. Journal of Modern Chemistry & Chemical Technology
3. Journal of Production Research & Management
4. OmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal
5. Research & Reviews : Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology
6. Research & Reviews : Journal of Botany
7. Research & Reviews : Journal of Crop science and Technology
8. Research & Reviews : Journal of Dairy Science & Technology
9. Research & Reviews : Journal of Ecology
10. Research & Reviews : Journal of Food Science & Technology
11. Research & Reviews : Journal of Herbal Science
12. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Life Sciences
13. Research & Reviews : Journal of Physics
14. Research & Reviews : Journal of Space Science & Technology
15. Research & Reviews : Journal of Statistics
16. Research & Reviews: journal of Zoology

Technology Journals

17. Current Trends in Signal Processing
18. Current Trends in Systems and Control Engineering
19. Current Trends in Information Technology
20. Journal of Experimental & Applied Mechanics
21. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems
22. Journal of Control & Instrumentation
23. Journal of Remote Sensing & GIS
24. Journal of Power Electronics & Power Systems
25. Journal of Aerospace Engineering & Technology
26. Journal of Alternate Energy Sources & Technologies
27. Journal of Computer Technology & Applications
28. Journal of Construction Engineering, Technology & Management
29. Journal of Electronic Design Technology
30. Journal of Instrumentation Technology & Innovations
31. Journal of Materials & Metallurgical Engineering
32. Journal of NanoScience, Nanoengineering & Applications
33. Journal of Nuclear Engineering & Technology
34. Journal of Petroleum Engineering & Technology
35. Journal of VLSI Design Tools & Technology
36. Recent Trends in Civil Engineering & Technology
37. Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology
38. Research & Reviews : A Journal of Biotechnology
39. Trends in Opto-electro & Optical Communication
40. Trends in Electrical Engineering

Medicine Journals

41. Current Trends in Clinical Research
42. Journal of AYUSH:-Ayurveda, Yoga,Unani ,Siddha and Homeopathy
43. Journal of Nursing Science & Practice
44. Research & Reviews : Journal of Medical Science and Technology
45. Research & Reviews : Journal of Genomics and Proteomics
46. Research & Reviews : Journal of Computational Biology
47. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Microbiology & Virology
48. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Neuroscience
49. Research & Reviews : Journal of Ophthalmology
50. Research & Reviews : Journal of Physiotherapy
51. Research & Reviews : Journal of Surgery
52. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Dentistry
53. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Health Professions
54. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Immunology
55. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Medicine
56. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmaceutical Science
57. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmacology
58. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Toxicology

About STM Journals a division of (website: Consortium e learning network is one of the pioneer company in spreading its wings in the field of Scientific , Medical and Technology publications under its STM Journal(s) banner .

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