President Obama Using Sneaky Internet Marketing Tricks
President Obama may be using "Sneaky Internet Marketing Tricks" with the White House website.
( July 30, 2011 - Irving, TX -- Houston, TX - July 29, 2011

White House appears to be using "Sneaky Internet Marketing Tricks" straight from an internet marketing class to build the President's e-mail list, claims marketing expert Bert Martinez.

The White House's web page is a perfect example of a marketing technique we teach our business clients. The President's web page induces individuals to give up their e-mail address in order to "Stay Informed." Further down below in smaller letters you're given the option to skip this process by clicking on the "No Thanks." This is good sneaky internet marketing trick. It takes control of the reader and makes the reader believe he must register his e-mail in order to have access to the Whitehouse's website," explains Martinez, President of Bert Martinez Communications, in Houston, Texas, and a specialist in sales and marketing strategies. He adds, "Even the letter on the left-hand side uses a very powerful marketing tool called presupposition." It presupposes the reader must be "clearly interested" because "you're still reading this." This is a great use of NLP, as well as just clever ad copy.

"With just a few clicks, the President could literally persuade millions of people to pressure their elected officials to support his agendas. The massive e-mails collected are a powerful tool in the hands of a savvy marketer like President Obama and will give him the added edge in the current debt debate" says Bert Martinez. Remember it worked with the healthcare debate.

"Unless the President loses his ability to 'click a mouse,' the people are going to buy whatever he's selling," say Martinez.

Martinez further says it's not about the politics---it's about the marketing. Anything that can get a message into your customer's mind will be harnessed by the most savvy of marketers, continues Martinez, who teaches marketing to business owners nationwide.


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