There is more than just building links in modern SEO
Though Google had said that link building will not be of much use for search engine rankings, there are still a lot of them performing the strategy because they are clueless on what to perform.
( July 30, 2011 - QC, DE -- If it is not link building which is the trend for this year, what is the SEO technique that has to be adopted? Let's ask the professional SEO company out there and get the answer. According to the spokesperson of the Wmhaven, a professional and reputed SEO company, link building still produces the results if done the right. He added that it is just the concept of link building that has changed. Folks who are not able to adopt the new trend in link building just say that link building is not necessary anymore or it is not effective. The real fact is that manual link building still produces the results if done the right way. "Link building has changed a lot through the recent years. It doesn't matter the number of link you get from a campaign. All that matters is the quality of the links that you get, combined with a lot of other factors adhered to it."

Speaking on more details about modern link building, one of the professionals of this SEO company had to say, "If you are concentrating on just getting some number of links you are going the wrong way. While the number of links is still a critical factor to be considered, you should also see the relevancy of the sites where you get the links from. Links from high authority edu sites are very much precious and hard to obtain in the same time. However, we do offer our client with link building in .edu and other authority sites"

Speaking on the move the professional had to say, "It is all about creating a reputation online. That is the key to success in modern link building too. If you are getting the links in high authority sites, your reputation is building up online and the Google bots are well designed to sense that. Once Google thinks your website is reputable, there would be no limit to traffic, page ranks and search engine positions"

He concluded that, "Effectiveness of link building depends on how you do it and how well you know the concept. Link building is not just getting some links back to your website somewhere. Link building is a lot more than that and only a professional SEO company could get the desired results"

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