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( August 5, 2011 - P.O. Box 311, Jenison,, MS -- The scorching sun is a difficult time for you when it comes to the protection of your skin. It is the time when you should be more careful about your skin. Because, the unbearable heat can do a great damage to the skin in the form of sun burn and dehydration. There are some precautions you need to follow along with some simple methods to preserve your skin in this hot summer.

It's better to clean your skin using any good scrub at least two or three times in a week. You can make a better scrub mixing sandal wood, gram flour, multani mitti and rose water. This scrub can moisturize and make your skin more clean and soft. In the summer season, the best moisturizer you can have is fruit facial masks. You can prepare them easily by blending pulps of different fruits. But, you need to make sure that you apply these self made fruit masks before they lose their vitamins.

Skin care From Smart Health Shop: If you have acne problems in this season, the best remedy is to use Mango pulp on your skin. Wrinkles around the mouth and eyes are common problems in the hot weather. In order to avoid them, you can use grapes, which nourish and moisturis your skin. Black heads are the another common problem found in this season. You can have papaya pulp as a fine remedy to black heads and blotchy skin. If you wish to keep your skin fresh and healthy all the time, application of water melon juice on your face is the better method.

Enough moisturising creams and similar products are widly available in the market. But if you wish to use more effective and natural stuff, you can prefer cucumber to apply on your face. Applying the mixture of cucmber juice and rose water on the face can make the skin more cool and moisturised. In summer, usually skin gets dull beacause of the unbearable heat and it is one of the main concerns also. Cocunut water is the best ingredient to avoid such problems. You can rub your face with fresh cocunut water or use it as a lotion and make your skin more bright. Fresh cocunut water is also proven to be a good ingredient to avoid heat rash in the summer.

Since the heat affects the eyes and skin under them very rapidly, its important you to protect the eyes from sun using cooling glasses. You also need to have enough sleep and a morning face wash with rose water in a day. Both practices preserve your eyes and skin very well. In summer, another problem we usually find is the chapped lips. If this problem bothers you, you can rub rose petals on your lips every day befor you go to bed. Sun burn is the most common problem in the scorching summer. Using a yogurt mask or rubbing ice cubes on your face can be the easiest ways to get rid of sunburn.

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