LifeLock Command Center Now Protects Americans from Many Types of Identity Theft
Identity Theft Labs introduces LifeLock's new Command Center service which protects people from other types of identity theft not just credit fraud.
( February 15, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA -- Identity Theft Labs, an online company which is run by identity theft experts and known for its accurate and unbiased reviews of identity theft protection companies is happy to announce its latest offering, the LifeLock Command Center.

LifeLock Command Center is a best of breed identity theft protection service. It includes the original LifeLock service but offers other services that protect people from other types of identity theft, not just credit fraud. This is indeed enticing especially now that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the USA, with a victim every 2 seconds, and is wreaking havoc on people from all walks of life.

Command Center helps you protect your identity even when your personal information falls into the hands of those unscrupulous individuals. It enhances the basic credit protection and helps protect you against such things as criminals using your good name or someone else using your Social Security number illegally. It not only traces the whereabouts of your personal information, but with the help of LifeLock's remediation services, helps you restore your good name.

In short, it gives you these three essential things: detection, protection and remediation. It will provide you detection with early notification of identity threats such as credit fraud or criminals using your name. It provides protection by searching the web for the illegal selling, or inadvertent release, of your private information and enables you to promptly act on it. Finally, with the LifeLock $1,000,000 total service guarantee you can have a professional remediation team working on your behalf. LifeLock Command Center is indeed a powerful service system that goes beyond LifeLock's industry leading basic service and absolutely gives you peace of mind.

Command Center is proof of LifeLock's dedication to protect people from all kinds of identity theft and by offering this service it shows Identity Theft Labs dedication to helping consumers choose the right identity theft protection plan. If you wish to learn more about how LifeLock can help protect you from identity theft, simply visit Identity Theft Labs where you will find expert reviews and can compare the best companies or simply go direct to the LifeLock Command Center Review to learn more about this particular service.

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