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The aim of this press release is to enlighten people about Hirschfeld Properties and the wide range of services including development, procurement and redevelopment of a variety of real estate across America.
( September 14, 2010 - NY, NY -- Hirschfeld Properties is one of the topmost and most diverse providers of property development services in New York City. As the company spreads its presence across America, it proudly announces the commencement of its pioneering property rental services. In its fifty years of working in real estate market, they have developed some of the most significant sites which had not only placed them amongst the top real estate developers, but also helped them build a great reputation in New York as well as entire USA. With the skilled supervision of their President and CEO, Mr. Elie Hirschfeld , the company has managed to develop various customer specific properties at affordable rates in New York. They are the best in this business when it comes to sincerity, excellence and concern for the client.
The unrivaled reputation of Mr. Elie Hirschfeld is proof enough as far as genuineness and reliability in the business are concerned. New York is the hub of property investment and this has led to cut throat competition between real estate developers. The immense experience of Mr. Elie Hirschfeld has helped him to successfully cater to the needs of influential clients like Chase Manhattan Bank, Rockefeller Center and other Rockefeller holdings, the New York Stock Exchange and St. Peter's Church. Mr. Elie Hirschfeld has appointed a team of real estate market analysts' who are devoted to the task of gathering all the information about modern market developments and forwarding the same to the clients to help them maintain their property investment portfolio.
Mr. Elie Hirschfeld has himself taken charge of the planning and building of many prominent property sites of New York including Grand Sutton, Hotel Pennsylvania, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Park Avenue Court, the Gotham and Exchange Tower. He is also responsible for supervision of different project analysis, legal strategies, and architectural and construction management. In addition, Mr. Elie Hirschfeld is engaged with numerous educational and cultural organizations as a trustee, besides being the emeritus of Brown University and Long Island University, a Director of the U.S. Board of the Weizman Institute of Science, and a trustee of St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, Beth Israel Hospital, Long Island College Hospital and New York Eye & Ear Infirmary.

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