New Civil War Book on the Battle of South Mountain Latest Release in the Historical Perspectives from a Nation Divided Series
Blue Mustang Press is proud to announce the publication of The Battle of South Mountain, the latest volume in their Civil War series of publications: Historical Perspectives from a Nation Divided.
( September 29, 2011 - Boston, MN -- Boston, Mass. -- September 28, 2011 -- Independent publisher Blue Mustang Press continues the publication of its Nation Divided series of books with the release of The Battle of South Mountain which provides the gripping account of the Frederick County, Maryland battle that marked the end of the Robert E. Lee's Maryland Campaign of 1862. The battle involved many of the "big names" of the war - Lee, McClellen, Reno, Burnside - as well as some surprising players (future president Rutherford B. Hayes was seriously wounded on the battlefield) and set the stage for the Battle of Antietam several days later.

The Battle of South Mountain, like all the books in the two Nation Divided series, consists of selections books written contemporary to the war or in the years after by those who fought in the war. This volume contains selections from: MILITARY REMINISCENCES OF THE CIVIL WAR by JACOB COX first published in 1900; THE LIFE, PUBLIC SERVICES AND SELECT SPEECHES OF RUTHERFORD B. HAYES by J. Q. HOWARD originally published in 1876; THREE YEARS IN THE SIXTH CORPS, A CONCISE NARRATIVE OF EVENTS IN THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, FROM 1861 TO THE CLOSE OF THE REBELLION, APRIL, 1865 by GEORGE T. STEVENS, originally published in 1866; A LIFE OF GEN. ROBERT E. LEE by JOHN ESTEN COOKE originally published in 1876; and HISTORY OF KERSHAW'S BRIGADE by D. AUGUSTUS DICKERT originally published in 1907.

The Nation Divided series is made up of 2 sub-series one of which is "Serving a Nation Divided" which seeks to offer contemporary views of historical events in the armed forces active during the American Civil War through regimental histories and battlefield accounts of the various armies from both the Union and the Confederacy. The other sub-series, "Historical Perspectives from a Nation Divided" is the one the South Mountain book is published under.

"Historical Perspectives from a Nation Divided" seeks to offer different - often contemporary - views of related historical events. There is a great wealth of histories, recollections, regimental diaries, and other such types of published works relating to the people and operations of the American Civil War that were written by the then-living doers of those deeds. The surge in such writings, starting immediately after the War's end and peaking in the early years of the 20th century (when these writers were facing their own mortality) has left us with countless perspectives of similar events, many of which haven't seen print in over 100 years. This series hopes to bring many of those first hand texts back to those who find interest in them, both on an entertainment level and on an academic level.

Lucien Febvre said that "History is the daughter of Time" and that adage is well demonstrated within the texts reprinted in the series. Even more apparent within the texts, particularly those written soon after the War ended, is what Mark Twain said about history: "The very ink with which all history is written is merely fluid prejudice." These texts undoubtedly bring these beliefs to the fore and it is an unquestioned value that these treasures still exist to provide a window into the construction of history.

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Historical Perspectives of a Nation Divided: The Battle of South Mountain
ISBN: 978-1-935199-13-7

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