Are You Looking for a Place to Find Great Internet Marketing Products?
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( September 30, 2011 - Lancashire, AZ -- Blueprint Mint is a new website that provides guides and resources for internet marketers and entrepreneurs. If you want things like the latest SEO strategies, video marketing tips, or comprehensive guides to making money online, then this site is for you.

The website provides you with an easy to use search engine that helps you not only find the product you need, but read reviews written by other internet marketers and entrepreneurs that have already used the product. Each review gives the product a rating out of 5 stars, allowing you to quickly get an idea on the effectiveness of the product and make a more informed purchase decision.

As a seller you are able to list your products for free (in return for a commission per sale to Blueprint Mint). The website currently hosts over 200 products and is quickly growing. For those that are serious about the selling their product, listing your product on this website could be critical to your success.

The creator of Blueprint Mint is Matthew Platts, an entrepreneur and web developer from Sydney, Australia. Other projects Matthew has worked on include the new time-sheeting web application Quick Timesheets ( and live polling tool Social Poll (

Blueprint Mint was created due to a perceived gap in the market for aggregating these kinds of products. As Mr Platts puts it:

"Currently the main aggregator of internet marketing products is the Warrior Forum (where warrior special offers or WSO's are sold). To put it bluntly, the reason Blueprint Mint exists is that I believe a forum structure is not the right place for what is essentially a marketplace of buyers and sellers. So I created a site that aims to make browsing WSO-like products a breeze by sorting them into appropriate categories, allowing reviews/star ratings and providing a powerful search feature."

Internet marketing is a rapidly expanding industry due to it's low start up costs and a growing number of success stories. However many people do silently fail. With the help of proper internet marketing tools you can greatly improve your chances of success. A well written money making guide can save you many hours of testing and tweaking.

It can be difficult to find a website that aggregates these products with user reviews and a powerful search function. Luckily Blueprint Mint offers you all of that and more. Taking the time to visit, and see for yourself requires minimal investment but can offer you a world of knowledge. Take 5 minutes out of your day to check it out and see for yourself how it can help you.

Blueprint Mint is a new website that offers you great products on the latest in Internet marketing strategies, tools, and products. It offers entrepreneurs, and internet marketers a chance to read reviews, purchase products at affordable rates, and get ahead in the booming industry of internet marketing. For more information on the Blueprint Mint visit


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