All Cool Electronic Gadgets Under a Single Roof is a blog which deals with all the latest reviews of electronic gadgets and cool gadgets that have come in to the market.
( November 29, 2010 - Norcross, GA -- is a blog which talks about all the latest cool and electronic gadgets in the market. The writer of this blog has been following technology since a long time and hence has a good knowledge about all the electronic gadgets out there. This blog has reviews of home audio devices, home video devices, car audio, car GPS, headphones, MP3 players, etc. The reviews are all unbiased and the writer gives a frank opinion about what he thinks about the gadgets.One of the latest electronic gadgets in the market includes Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio and the author says that the set has a unique combination of great looks and great sound quality. The headphones, according to the writer, are very comfortable over the era and give balanced and crisp audio response.

The manufacturer also gives a carrying case and a cable for connecting the headphones to a music phone with the cool gadgets.There are some drawbacks about the headphones too though. The writer says that the set cannot be used without the batteries and they are a bit expensive. The black glossy design also picks up a lot of finger prints. This cool gadget is recommended by the writer of this blog if you are looking for a lot of useful features and comfortable design. The sound quality is top notch but the price too is relatively higher. But if you can afford it, the headphones will give you a never-before-seen unique music experience.

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