Three Entertainment Gurus Set Out On New Joint Business Venture Together
Three thriving business men were recently seen having dinner at Blackstone's Steakhouse in Melville, NY.
( May 3, 2010 - Port Jefferson Station, NY -- Three thriving business men were recently seen having dinner at Blackstone's Steakhouse in Melville, NY, photograph courtesy of Brent Eysler. On the left, Dr. Sal Trazzera, a world renowned cardiologist who also owns a major hockey arena in Fort Worth, Texas where he is also the chief executive officer of the Texas Brahamas hockey team. His generosity is well known, most recently with the contribution of his multi-million dollar mansion to a new project, a cooking show in development called "Kidnap Kitchens," hosted by Dena Chelius and Jennifer Queen of the Two Blondes and a Stove home entertaining and culinary creations company. The premises of the new show has two women infiltrating the kitchens of many of the top restaurants in the Tri-state area and kidnapping" the chefs to have them show the women how to make one of their restaurant's most popular dishes The first episode features Chef Mark Salese, owner and head chef of Almarco's Restaurant in Huntington Village, NY. Another episode will be featuring owner and chef Joe Quirke, of La Bottega, also in Huntington Village, NY. Center is Robert Gutkowski, the former CEO and president of Madison Square Garden and the Marquee Group. Mr. Gutkowski was the creative mind behind Bob Sillerman's "roll-up" of independent and regional concert promoters. This created the first nationwide, vertically-integrated concert promotion company, which has transformed the multi-billion dollar live music concert industry to this day. He also designed the New York Yankees' YES Network for George Steinbrenner and Goldman Sachs. The YES network is still used as the base template for all sports team, year round coverage channels. He is currently President & CEO of Marketing Group International and an executive consultant and friend of Black Rose Productions Inc., run by founder and president Tito Batista, pictured on right. Black Rose Productions Inc. has had its home in a multi million dollar entertainment complex in Fairfield, New Jersey for over twenty years. Along with managing and producing many different types of artists and media, Batista's latest project is being the executive producer to the show "Kidnap Kitchens."

The three friends and businessmen met to focus on a new joint project they are focusing on, combining their efforts to run Dr. Trazzera's major arena in Texas and book many big name acts to perform there. All three will be traveling down to the arena to evaluate the facility and to establish the entertainment management of it.

Along with being involved in their current projects, Dr. Trazzera, Gutkowski, and Batista are also fully dedicated to being mentors and intern hosts for many students. Dr. Trazzera hosts and trains students whose goals are to enter the medical field. Gutkowski has always been a mentor to students from various universities, including Batista's own children. Batista himself is also very involved in providing internships throughout his company, Black Rose Productions Inc. He has hosted numerous students from international universities along with North Eastern, Hofstra, Berkley School of Music, Five Towns College, Suny Stony Brook University, and many more. He provides assistance in job placement for the interns, giving them their first steps into the business that these men have become so prosperous in.


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