Bleach Bright Announces Dealer Opportunities for Teeth Whitening
Bleach Bright announces opportunities for individuals to become dealers in selling teeth whitening products.
( December 8, 2010 - Kenner, LA -- USA (November 2010) - Bleach Bright announces opportunities for individuals to become dealers in selling teeth whitening products. Dealers need not be dentists to sell teeth whitening products.

Bleach Bright offers innovative teeth whitening products to the general public. These products are sold in various places in the US and across the globe. Dealers sell these whitening products either on a private website, in one's store, at shopping kiosks, local gyms, and many other locations.

Currently Bleach Bright has opportunities for people to become dealers. There are already over 3,000 Bleach Bright dealers taking advantage of this lucrative business opportunity. The process of becoming a dealer is very easy and requires completion of a simple online application. The application will create a secure online login. After the form is submitted, another Bleach Bright dealer will be in contact.

As a dealer of Bleach Bright teeth whitening products, each dealer becomes part of the #1 worldwide company in bleaching products. Since Bleach Bright is a world leader of teeth whitening products, a dealer will experience large amounts of sales and revenue. The amount of potential revenue is almost unlimited.

All dealers of Bleach Bright receive strong training and support to kick start their business. The support provided deals with inventory, marketing, and help in running a small business. This is a great way to become acclimated to owning and running a business for those who have no experience. Since Bleach Bright's teeth whitening products are in high demand the selling of the products is easy. However, many new dealers may need assistance in where and how to market the products.

Bleach Bright recently received an accomplished recognition. Small Business Opportunity Magazine voted Bleach Bright as one of the top model of small business opportunities. This recognition provides potential dealers the confidence that becoming a Bleach Bright dealer is in fact a smart business move.

Dealers of teeth whitening products are not required to have a dentist license. This is due to the fact that the products are all designed and approved by the EPA, OSHA, and FD&C. There is no requirement for any special licensing and dealers receive such great customer service there is no need.

Bleach Bright is currently offering the opportunity for business entrepreneurs to become dealers of their patent pending teeth whitening products. Customers using these products are seeing a great many results in the color of their teeth which has caused the demand to increase.


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