Atlanta Podiatrists Announce New Addition of Facility In Fayette County
Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia, the well-known podiatry group, is pleased to announce its plans for a new, upscale facility in Fayette County, Georgia.
( May 10, 2010 - Newman, GA -- The well-known podiatry group Ankle And Foot Centers Of Georgia is pleased to announce that they are building a new, upscale facility in Fayette County, Georgia.

"We're building this facility because we felt that it was necessary to have a facility with multiple specialties to better serve our patients," according to Dr. Gregory Alvarez, Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia Physician.

The new facility is designed to provide patients in the Fayette County area with the latest in medical technology and treatment options. It also provides convenient access so that patients don't have to spend time and money traveling in search of the highest quality medical care.

"This will be a very modern facility with all of the advanced technology trimmings. This location will enable us to provide our patients with cutting edge technology such as digital x-rays for more precise readings, as well as Electronic Medical Records for more efficient record keeping," Dr. Alvarez said.

The new facility will be located in Peachtree City. It was built with a focus on accessibility, to ensure that it's safe and easy for patients to visit.

"The old Peachtree City location entrance was located right across from a u-turn. Once the u-turn was made the drivers would have to make an immediate right into the office, which had the potential to cause an accident. So while discussing the new design and layout, it was imperative for us to make the entrance more accessible and safe for our patients and visitors," Dr. Alvarez said. "Now our new entrance is directly across from the Median Cut, patients can now safely drive in and out of our office."

Their new building has an expected completion date of late fall or winter of 2010. In the meantime, Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia are still scheduling and seeing patients in a temporary modular office in the same location as their old facility, until the new facility is complete.

Those seeking more information may visit or contact them directly at (770) 487-6717.


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