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I like collecting movies, and always put those in my computer, now let me introduce two films what I like to you, hope you will like them
( May 31, 2012 - florida, Turkey -- I like collecting movies, and always put those in my computer, now let me introduce two films what I like to you, hope you will like them:

The last couple of years have seen a number of alien invasion movies infest our screens, and to date, it's been the low-budget ones that have proved the most satisfying. Could director Peter Berg deliver an expensive invasion flick that delivers plenty of character as well as explosive set-pieces? That's certainly what we're hoping.
Certainly, the idea of setting an alien invasion film at sea's a relatively fresh one, and there's a great cast, including Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson, and, erm, Rihanna as various officers, commanders and rear admirals.
There's every possibility, given that Battleship's based on the well-known guessing game of the same name, that this'll be another landfill summer blockbuster made for the sole purpose of shifting merchandise. But we're eternal optimists, and we also love invasion movies, so who knows? With Berg at the helm (Friday Night Lights, anyone?), Battleship may provide us with a big surprise next summer.

The second: PROMETHEUS
Here are so many reasons to look forward to Prometheus, but we'll whittle them down to just a few for brevity's sake.
First, it marks a return to sci-fi for Ridley Scott, and second, it shares "the same DNA" as 1979's Alien. Add to that a great cast (including the ubiquitous Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Idris Elba) and the writing talents of Damon Lindelof, and you have at least the possibility of a fantastic sci-fi film.
Some have pointed out that Scott's creative bulb has dimmed somewhat of late, but we're hoping that the visual possibilities the sci-fi genre offers (and let's face it, Scott's primarily an image maker rather than a director of actors) will result in the return to form we're all anticipating.
We're actually heartened; too, that Prometheus' makers have played down the film's links to Alien, because it gives Scott the opportunity to make something other than a modern retread of the original's haunted-house-in-space. What we appear to be looking at is a kind of first-contact sci-fi flick, along the lines of Arthur C Clarke's novel Childhood's End or 2001: A Space Odyssey, albeit with an extremely nasty (and presumably acid-spitting) sting in its tail.
Like so many of next year's highly anticipated films, from American Pie: the Reunion to the Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus could disappoint us all. But then again, the talented people involved could exceed our expectations, and bring us a film that shares Alien's brilliance as well as its DNA.

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