You are very busy working on the laptop and there is no power outlet anywhere nearby
You are very busy working on the laptop and there is no power outlet anywhere nearby.
( June 19, 2012 - shenzhen, Serbia -- You are very busy working on the laptop and there is no power outlet anywhere nearby. You are now working on the battery power and the battery indicator shows "low battery" or "low battery - please turn off the computer or it will go into hibernation". Is this familiar? How many times have you been in this situation, where you had not other option but to shut down your laptop, due to low battery? or how many times have you faced the situation, where your laptop itself shuts down due to low battery?

How long have you been using your laptop batteries? It may just be time for you to get yourself new laptop battery.If you have been using your laptop for a very long time and haven't yet changed your batteries even once, and if your back up time has reduced considerably, it is time to go out and purchase new laptop batteries. Laptop batteries usually last only for about 4 years. Laptops quickly lose their charm when you no longer have good battery back up; your laptop may just seem like a computer UPS, if that is the case.

New laptop batteries are definitely worth the price you pay for them.Laptop batteries come in different specifications. There are 12 cell batteries which offer very good battery back up, and there are 9 cell laptop batteries, 8 cell batteries, 6 cell batteries, 4 cell batteries and also 3 cell batteries. Also, the battery designs vary with the manufacturer. Each manufacturer has a different type of battery and hence, laptop batteries are manufacturer specific. For example, you cannot use a Dell laptop battery with a HP laptop or vice versa.If you have no intention of purchasing a battery and want to expand the lifespan of your old batteries, there are a few things that you could do too.

Though a new laptop battery would definitely be a better option, you can always use the old ones till they completely die out. Some of the useful tips are: defrag your hard disks regularly, do not use bright screen always - dim your screen if you can, reduce the number of programs running in the background as this will make the CPU work more and in turn make more use of the laptop batteries, run your programs and videos from your hard drive rather than the CD drives, add more RAM to the laptop if possible. These are just a few suggestions that may help you to keep going, till you go out and buy your new laptop batteries.


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