Second Book In Award-Winning Sophie's Tales Series Released
The second in the Sophie's Tale's series of books for children with cochlear implants made its debut at the AGBell Conference in June. Now available in the iBookstore, on, and at
( July 31, 2012 - New York City, NY -- St. Louis, MO - Sophie's Tales: Overcoming Obstacles, the second in the beloved Sophie's Tales book series authored by Mel Paticoff, has made its debut to rave reviews!

"[Sophie's Tales: Overcoming Obstacles is] just the ticket for parents and teachers of children with hearing loss and cochlear implants!" says Heather Hayes, Ph.D., Director of Deaf Education Studies for the Washington University School of Medicine. "Sophie's Tales is a rich and meaningful reading experience for children with hearing loss who now have a character they can relate to through Sophie, who wears a cochlear implant! The books are welcome additions to classroom libraries, prompting discussion about hearing loss and cochlear implants."

Available in the iBookstore, on, and at, Overcoming Obstacles, by author Melanie Paticoff, features Sophie, the little dog with a cochlear implant, and introduces her new friend Champ, an overly confident Labradoodle with glasses. Champ has his eyes on the prize, but along the way learns important lessons about sportsmanship and overcoming adversity.
Children of all ages and abilities will enjoy the delightful adventures Sophie and her friends experience in these books of friendship, inclusion, and diversity. Parents and teachers will appreciate the language resources supplementing the award-winning Sophie's Tales series.

Sophie's Tales: Overcoming Obstacles made its debut in June 2012 at the semi-annual AG Bell conference held in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sophie's Tales: Learning to Listen, the first book in the series was published in 2010 and was awarded a Bronze Medal in the 2010 Moonbeam Children's Book Competition. Since then, the Sophie's Tales series has earned accolades from educators, parents and children with hearing loss.

Learning to Listen introduced Sophie, a little dog who discovers she has a hearing loss. Sophie embarks on a journey to receiving a cochlear implant, and along the way meets an ear doctor, has her hearing tested, and tries hearing aids. Though Sophie understands she is different from other dogs because she needs help to hear, her confidence and fun personality never waver.

"Because of my work I collect children's books which feature characters with disabilities, always hoping to find one in which the character is empowered and defined by more than their disability. These are not easy to find, but Sophie's Tales: Learning to Listen fits the bill, and I am eager to add the book to my collection," said Gale Rice, PhD and Chair of the Department of Communication Disorders and Deaf Education at Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri

Today, the Sophie's Tales brand offers a full complement of support materials for children with hearing loss and cochlear implants. is an ever-expanding website filled with resources for parents, teachers, and children. Books, the stuffed Sophie dog with cochlear implant, and wearable gear, are all available for purchase through the website.

Sophie's Tales is also active on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter, and both books are available as interactive iBooks for iPad.


Sophie's Tales was created by Melanie Paticoff. Mel is a graduate of Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri where she received her Bachelor's Degree in deaf education in 2011. She is now a student at Washington University School of Medicine's Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences.

Mel grew up on Long Island with a tight-knit family that includes her cousin, Julie, who wears bilateral cochlear implants. By combining her knowledge of living with hearing loss with her recent background in education and the silly spunk of her maltipoo puppy, Sophie, Mel created Sophie's Tales, a website full of resources for children with hearing loss. Each product is designed to engage children but also lend itself to language-learning.

Mel has created a full complement of hearing loss resources such as the first-place winning YouTube video, YouTube video, "That's Just the Way we Hear" and an award-winning picture book for children with cochlear implants, Sophie's Tales: Learning to Listen . A second book, Overcoming Obstacles, launched this summer at the AGBell 2012 Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona. Overcoming Obstacles can be ordered, by clicking here !

Mel looks forward to adding more children's books about living with hearing loss and resources for children with cochlear implants and hearing loss to the Sophie's Tales series in the near future. Mel hopes that Sophie's resources will teach children with hearing loss to be proud and confident of their differences and help raise awareness about oral deaf education and cochlear implants.

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