What is the Back Seat of a Taxi Good For?
Yes, I can hear you smirking, but I am sorry to disappoint.
(prHWY.com) July 31, 2012 - Peterborough, United Kingdom --

Yes, I can hear you smirking, but I am sorry to disappoint. This is not going to be an article on tips of how you can get 'funky' in the back seat of a taxi.

I have had a few drinks before, I have been looking gorgeous in my brand new dress, freshly styled hair and sparkling make-up, got in the taxi on the way, and 5 of us squished together trying to fit in a photo, so we can show how lovely we looked. Then, going snap happy throughout the evening, including the typical ladies toilets pictures (that have to be done after 5 glass of wine!), then in the taxi home the camera comes out again, of all the girls eating kebab and chips, and the token friend asleep in the corner of the taxi, dribbling while we drawing whiskers on her with eye-liner.

But what else are the back seats of taxis good for? Megabooth.com has the answer as they have Photo Booth Hire available!

You can hire the back seat of their Black or White Taxi (well actually you get the whole taxi, but that's not the point), and you can sit in the back and use the Photo Booth automatic camera to snap away until your heart's desire. Better than that, no dodgy bumps in the road or sudden stops so a photo is ruined and you just get the top of your head!

Megabooth.com can wrap and brand the taxi with company logos or brands, for an eye-catching look when marketing for companies.

It's eye-catching, it's funky and if the trendy and fun taxi does not stand out in your memories, you have the photos to remind you.

A Wedding Photo Booth is also available from Megabooth.com meaning that you can get some more casual photos of the bride, groom and wedding guests relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Thank you Megabooth.com - for offering the best fun in the back of a taxi!

Next time you need a taxi, why not call http://megabooth.com

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