GDI contributes to excellent mobile game development
GDI (Game Development India) is an outsourcing company giving mobile game development services. It is famous for its high end mobile game design and development.
( August 1, 2012 - Pleasanton, CA -- Games are the crush of the season! Mobile gaming has become the best activity for spending ideal time. Creativity at its best, skill at its highest and technology at its base is how mobile game development is brought to life.

GDI (Game Development India) is an outsourcing company fostering mobile game design and development. Making mobile more than just a communication device, we design and develop smart apps for iPhone, iPad and games for social networking sites to fit PCs and tablets.

We have teams of mobile game developers who create some of the most astonishing and ravishing games. They are proficient in mobile game design and have a strong hand on technologies like Cocoa, Xcode, Core graphics, OpenGL, AppleScript, Core Animation and C++ to name a few.

GDI offers following mobile game development services:

* iPhone game development
* iPad game development
* Facebook game development
* Flash game development

Anything in the above mentioned categories can be expected out of GDI. It develops 2D and 3D games for our clients spread across the globe. With numerous games on our portfolio, we have made a mark in game development on the Indian subcontinent.

For developing 2D games, GDI avails Cocos2D iPhone framework that supports excellent graphics and incorporates features like scene management and scene transitions. Oolong is the mobile game engine we use for developing and porting iPhone and iPod Touch games.

Features of our mobile game development are as follows:

* Excellent 2D and 3D graphics
* Variety of games
* Superlative sound effects and video quality
* Fresh and atypical concepts
* Device specific game development
* Cost effective development

We have mastered the art and science of mobile game design and development. We also provide exceptional hire mobile game developer services. They have expertise in various gaming technologies, frameworks, platforms, mobile game engines and technologies.

When it's about iPhone we cater games for all models including 3G, 3S, 4, and 4S. For iPad we create games that are played with single or multiple players. Knowing every bit of iOS and Mac OS X, our mobile game developers formulate customized game design and development.

Anything in the realm of mobile game development is answered by us. We develop cost effective gaming solutions and deliver them at the timely hour. We can be contacted at:


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