Save money with PerksCard
PerksCard was established in 1988 as an employee sponsored savings program.
( August 1, 2012 - Florida, NY -- PerksCard was established in 1988 as an employee sponsored savings program. It offers a way of saving money on daily expenses that include movie tickets, gym memberships, dining services, holiday packages and more. These services are offered by several organizations to their employees and members. Cardholders can redeem discounts and benefits from all local merchants on various national brands. The card can be used by showing it at the point of purchase for deals in local neighborhoods or while traveling. It is easy to carry and is usually distributed through organizations having 500 to 500,000 employees.

PerksCard helps the customers save cash while making day to day purchases. It is a highly regarded co-affinity card for its outstanding services. The cardholders are offered a one-stop shopping experience online, that allows them to view and shop for products from local as well as national merchants. New merchants are added on a regular basis. PerksCard is a uniquely designed card that can be customized to each organization distributing to their members. It alsoprovides its users with a toll-free call center with professionals that handle all their inquiries. Discounts can be found online while shopping or can be downloaded in the form of a coupon. In-store purchases discounts are received by showing the PerksCard or by calling an 800 number and using a value code. The convenience of the PerksCard Network adds to the already great value of everyday discounts.

Since the inception of PerksCard, the company is expanding rapidly and delivers one of the most reliable services to its members and employees of its clientele. PerksCard has a validity of one year which can be extended and customized as per the needs of the card holder. It is ranked as one of the highest used discount cards. For more information and details on PerksCard, please go to or contact a representative at 800-727-3757.


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